Resident Evil Resistance – Valerie Support / Tactics Build Guide

Resident Evil Resistance - Valerie Support / Tactics Build Guide
Resident Evil Resistance - Valerie Support / Tactics Build Guide

This is a guide on my personal Val loadout and playstyle that focuses on support of the team.


Valerie is widely regarded as one of the most important picks for your team. She is one of the most popular characters to play and her power and utility are very reputable. Val is my favorite character and most other guides I’ve seen focus on gimmicky gameplay and equipment (sorry no mixtape stacking here). In this guide you I outline the skills, equipment, and tactics I use to play Val in a fun support role with a high chance of success.


Modified First Aid Spray

  • Remedy
  • Heals nearby teammates of injuries and infections.
  • Base cooldown: 150 seconds

We are going to be using Vals default Fever Skill here. There are a few reasons we pick this one over the healing spray gun. First, this variation cures infection. Second, even though this skill has an animation build up once its set no matter what happens it will continue to heal, unlike the healing spray gun where if you get hitstun it stops the spray.

Survival Instincts 

  • Creatures
  • Marks all nearby item, objects, creatures, and Bioweapons. Increases damage marked targets receive from all sources.
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

This is again Vals starting variation of this skill. This skill seems basic but its one of Val’s most powerful abilities and is going to be a staple for this playstyle.

Biochem Expertise

  • Debuff
  • Headshotting enemies cancels out 1 enemy buff.

This is Val’s second variation skill. Buffing zombies is the only real way MMs make them a viable threat and this is going to allow you to take that extra threat away from them.

Explosive Knowledge

  • Counterattack
  • Allows Grenades and Flash Grenades to be used to counter most creature grabs. Also removes stock limits for Valerie on explosives sold by the Armory.

Again a second variation skill. This is another staple to the build. The counter that allows you to get out of grabs is nice but not that nice, so we are going to be focused on the second part of this skill that removes stock limit on explosives.


Mixtape III

  • Greatly decreases Fever Skill cooldown.
  • Equipment Points: 6

This is a huge equipment for us. This is going to drop our hefty 150 second First Aid Spray fever skill cooldown to 118.5 seconds. This will allow us to have the spray ready by the time we reach the first exit door, even in most speedruns. It also means we should have the ability back frequent enough to use in most crisis moments.

Wallet II

  • Start with a moderate amount of Umbrella Credits.
  • Equipment Points: 3

Having at least wallet 2 is going to allow us just enough credits to buy 4 molotovs at the beginning of the match.

Molotov Cocktail+

  • Start with a Molotov Cocktail in your inventory.
  • Equipment Points: 2

This is going to net us one extra molotov at the begining of the match, before we even hit the armory. Useful if MM runs a controlled tough/armored zombie into the spawnroom right at the start.

Lucky Charm III

  • Greatly increases how many Umbrella Credits are picked up.
  • Equipment Points: 4

Honestly these last for points are optional and you can put them into whatever you like. I run charm 3 because having extra credits to spend is always a good thing, staying flexible is important in this game and credits let you change that mid match.


Here we get into gameplay that plays specifically to the strengths of this loadout.

Room 1

Most of the time in Room 1 you are going to be running straight to the armory and buying 4 molotovs right away. Keep an ear open for a MM control zombie, if a tough or partial armor busts into the door it might be a good idea to toss a molotov at them right away. If a normal zombie runs in, especially with no buffs, you should be able to make quick work of them with the MUP with the help of the other players.

If running up against a Spencer, buy a matilda instead of the molotovs if it is available. This is going to allow you to fight cameras or spray bullets at licker heads to burn off their buffs depending on the type of spencer you are up against.

Survival Instincts Marking

This is one of your most powerful abilities. Your primary use of this ability is going to be to increase the damage that marked creatures take. Do your best to use this anytime the team is about to kick into a creature infested room, or fighting a MM zombie or Yorik. Another often overlooked function of this ability is that it increases damage done to biocores. Use this anytime the team is burning down a biocore and you will save your team valuable resources and time! It has a 30 second cooldown and lasts 15 seconds. use it a lot.

Modified First Aid Spray – Remedy

The main use of this skill should be to heal defeated teammates but don’t horde it waiting for the perfect moment. With a 118 second cooldown (because of Mixtape III) you should be able to use this several times each match. Some popular times to use it while teammates are not down but all together…

  • At the exit door to the next area (the spray will continue to heal even during the door transition cutscene)
  • while everyone is stocking up at the armory at the beginning of an area
  • While hacking into the security terminals
  • While the team is destroying a biocore
  • While the team is waiting for the final exit to open

General Tactics

You should be focused on support of the team and making sure the team is succesful. Always make sure you have a buddy. Help your team fight creatures by marking them and removing buffs. Use your molotovs on difficult enemies (like MM toughs and MM armored) and swarms, molotovs also break bioweapon grabs. Shoot traps, this nets you some time and keeps people from running into them. Pick up umbrella credits, this is going to give the entire team valuable credits.

After Room 1

Always make sure you have molotovs. They are your most gamechanging damage dealer and ace in the hole, so always have them! if you get out of area 1 and you still have all of your molotovs or you think you have enough, I would recommend upgrading your MUP to the Quickdraw. This will give you the highest possible damage for single bullet cost and you have the option to fan for multiple headshots for removing buffs.

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