Resident Evil Resistance – Annette Licker Build

Resident Evil Resistance - Annette Licker Build
Resident Evil Resistance - Annette Licker Build

Out of 10 matches I win 9 with this build, lickers are very powerful and we make perfect use of them without any useless fodder.

Deck and Equipment

This is the deck, skills and equipment we use for this build.

Why miniature reactor? Sometimes I miss 1 bio energy for a licker and I think without it I would not have the needed bio energy or could buff all my creatures in time before the survivors get into the room.

Why cooling fan 2? There is not much else for 3 points thats any better I like cooling fan because sometimes near a biocore is only 1 camera and you might need it up and running faster again to spam more creatures.

How to Play

Zone 1: In your map preset place the lickers a bit away last room available would be neat then depending on your cards spawn either another licker or start buffing bio leech is a must once survivors reach you make sure to immobilize shot sam, tyrone, martin whoever is the biggest threat to your lickers then keep spamming more lickers and place crawling zombies under survivors if you can and also bio leech them if possible.

Zone 2: I usually place my lickers right at the start room and spawn the berserker zombie if I can and use bio leech then start attacking them with the lickers and the berserker zombie (controlled by you) if they destroy your lickers and zerk zombie in seconds stop spamming its not worth it switch to the secruity guard and place as many zombies there as you can with bio leech ofc if they destroy them too fast again let them just do the terminals and build a small army at the exit all you wanna do now is use bio leech and get full bio energy for stage 3.

Zone 3: This one is easy spam as many lickers as you can and though zombie remember if you hit the though zombie with your enhanced buff every new zombie or licker you spawn around him will also get all the buffs once you got some bio energy back keep spawning near the core, it depends on the map if a rocket launcher becca can destroy the core from far away just keep spawning zombie near her the goal is to have so many lickers that they can’t deal with the chaos make sure to use turret when your zombie limit is reached and use immobilizing shot on becca or the melee survivors to make sure your creatures won’t get killed too fast with the amount of bio leech you get back you can most likely spam immobilizing shot a few times till they die and to make the chaos perfect once you have enough lickers get william out and focus on a character that could save others for example martin with his stun or tyrone with his kick the other chars have to waste precious grenades to stop your insta kill and thats what we want ofc so they have less grenades to stop our creatures.

About Birkin: Use him whenever you feel the need its pointless to spam creatures if you know they will kill them in seconds because you don’t have enough energy to buff them just get william our and chase them a little till you feel your energy is back again then just cancel him out so you can use him early again.


I know the guide is not perfectly written and I hope my english is fine but I think everything should be clear and understandable, I got bored of gun spencer and bio core spencer is not that great imo it just lacks annettes insane buffs but zombies are not good enough if you don’t control them so I came up with this idea to mostly use lickers and only get the berserker though zombie out to share its buffs.

The crawling zombies might be fodder but they cost nothing and with discount even the cloned crawlers cost 0 so you can spam a lot of them really quick and if they grab a survivor its free bio energy again for more lickers.

Resident Evil Resistance Annette Licker Build Gameplay

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