Resident Evil Resistance – How to Beat the Mastermind

Resident Evil Resistance - How to Beat the Mastermind
Resident Evil Resistance - How to Beat the Mastermind

This guide shows how to counter each mastermind.

Guide to Counter Mastermind


  • Stay in groups of at least 2.
  • Melee weapons are a lot better than guns. They cost less to use and deal a lot more damage.
  • If a room is a death trap (you can hear a lot of groans on the other side) try to explore the rest of the area before everyone gathers up to clear through it. Sweeping melee weapons would be best to clear. Unless it is stage 2, then chances are that the security guard is in there too.
  • If the enemy is playing with an infection build, bring blue herbs. each time you cough is -5 seconds.
  • Have a sledge hammer to break stage 3 bio cores.
  • Stay out of purple auras, they will infect you over time.
  • Watch out for traps, you can usually walk around them.
  • If you hotkey a spray, you can use it and move around.
  • Don’t give your backs to the zombies, they will bite you instantly, whereas a frontal bite would take about 3-5 seconds before they bite down. These few seconds are enough for your teammates to help stagger the zombie, preventing a loss of 15 seconds (this is why you want to move in pairs of 2 at the minimum).
  • Have voice chat up to communicate, or at the very least, listen in and cooperate.
  • Torch is the best add clear weapon with it’s sweeping motion and fire damage. It beats lickers, armored zombies, ivys.
  • Matilda is the best economy gun. It can beat cameras in a decent speed, it can shoot traps etc.
  • Supply zombies are definitely worth hunting for if you are more experienced. If they spawn near you, you can hear it if you are wearing headphones and is close to it’s spawn location (sound followed by supply zombie notification).

  • Against suicide zombies, stay spread, they have a seizure when they are about to explode. They will explode when killed or when done manually. after killing a boomer, just move away from them when they explode.
  • Against dealers (female zombies), you should kill them ASAP. they have low health and they can run at you. any damage you take from them will cause you to lose 10 credits.
  • Against armored zombies, it’s best to use a torch to kill them. otherwise, if it’s a partially armored zombie, you can shoot their exposed limbs. If it’s a fully armored zombie, you can shoot it’s back or use melee.
  • Against jokers (clown zombie) they are really hard to shoot down as they sway when shot at. It’s best to use melee. They also have an aoe scream that will paralyze you, you know it’s coming when the zombie kind of curls up in preparation for the scream of his life. The aoe is pretty big and you’d have to be pretty far away. they are easy to kill by themselves and their role is pretty much to stun you while other zombies kill you.
  • Against ivys, use a torch to permanently kill them. you can shoot them in their bulbs to stun them or team up and kill them. They do cause insta death on bite so it’s ideal to have two players melee it with a torch.


Annette’s decks are either going to be zombie swarm or zombie swarm. There’s really no other way to play her.

Best weapon against annette’s swarm will be melee weapons with sweeping motions, AKA the torch or the bat. Torch are extremely powerful against lickers.

Annette’s buffs are really strong, if she is running infection buffs, you’ll need to carry blue herbs.

Having grenades and molotov’s will be great too as she will usually have clusters of zombies. Becareful of the door trick where she controls a zombie behind the door to close it when you open, if you try to toss something in, it’ll probably hit the door.

Martin spark trapping the door and Tyrone kicking it down is the best way to go.

Against Birkin, you should stay out of his way, if you are trapped, you can toss a flash or grenade to stagger him and run by. If an ally is getting his/her head slammed into the ground, you should flash, grenade or Tyrone spartan kick birkin to stagger him and release your friend.

The higher level the annette, the more likely you will be swarmed to death. 19 is the first mile stone, where she can have -2 cost to all zombies. If she has spencer’s level 13 energy enhancement, you can just wait to die. You’ll run out of credits to kill her stuff at the end if you survive the beginning.

TLDR, use melee weapons that sweep( bat, torch). explosive for pack clear, flash for birkin.


Before level 14, just stick to the overview guidelines.

After level 14, unless you have a tyrone to kick the possessed zombie down or a martin to spark trap the possessed zombie, and then beat it down with melee weapons. You should just run from whoever daniel possesses. It’s far too difficult to kill and almost never worth the amount of swipes everyone will take.

Stage 1, just run from his possessed zombie and collect the objectives, it’s a good bet one of your team mates will die. Just finish the objective asap.

During stage 2 for level 14+ daniel, bring grenades and molotovs and bomb the security guard down. Protect your badge carrier so s/he can complete the terminal objectives.

Don’t go anywhere near Mr X and close doors behind you when he chases. Safe room doors are the best locations to hide from him.

During stage 3, Daniel can only possess one zombie so try to disable, use a spark shot or kite it so your team mates can kill the bio core.


Bring blue herbs!

Pick up infection sprays and blue herbs!

watch for traps everywhere you go. You can be sure that Alex will either be infecting you or tossing traps everywhere or both!

Try to practice social distancing so when the traps go off, you don’t all get hit by it. it’s -5 seconds per player per trap.

Against her ult. use a molotov if one of your friends are getting the death swallow. otherwise just line of sight it and it can’t do much against you. If it’s right next to an objective, it’s better to just wait for it to despawn. If you think the plant has trapped you, think again. You can walk right by it.

TLDR, blue herbs and molotov for her plant monster. watch for traps.


Bring a gun. The best weapon would be the matilda. it’s a team effort to shoot the cameras together and they go down super fast if everyone works together. Bring healing and ammo.

If you are fighting a creature spencer, then you can just play it normally.

If spencer is shooting at you, you should dodge instead of trying to shoot back, the machine gun will animation lock you.

Anytime you plan on interacting with an object or rescuing a teammate, you should shoot out the nearby camera so spencer can’t drop his death wall on top of you and kill you when you try to get out of the animation..


Melee weapons are the best. Use the torch. buy blue herbs if you are infected.

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