Resident Evil Resistance – Valerie Meta Build Guide

Resident Evil Resistance - Valerie Meta Build Guide
Resident Evil Resistance - Valerie Meta Build Guide

Here you can find working Meta Build for Valerie.

Guide to Valerie Meta Build


Matilda (Best accuracy/very good capacity/good damages)


Fever Skill: Spray Gun

Spray Gun is far better than Remedy > Instant deploy / heal 250 per tick / mobility / can be canceled / low cooldown (90s) but we lost the capacity to heal infections.

Personal Skill: Creatures

Creatures give you more benefits than Traps, greatly help the team to deal with zombies/possessed zombies since they can be a pain with HP Boost + can be use as a WallHack for track/kite BioWeapons.

Passive Skill: Debuff

Debuff is a must have since you want to Headshots with Val, heads are very sensistives to staggers and Buffed zombies builds are commons.

Passive Skill: Surplus

Surplus outclass CounterAttack, yes CA make you safe and nades are now illimited at the shop (only for you) but you need to spend 100credits per use, its huge ! Surplus is awesome, everytimes you kill a zombie it can loot a nade but the best part: Surplus apply to everyone ! It means you sharing the passive skill to your teamates, they can make a nade drop by their own ! Making you and the team usefull at helping for free !


Army Boots

Greatly help you to kite/run away from zombies/BioWeapons/Guns and mooving to help your teamates + it synergise well with Spray Gun.

Shoulder Pad III

Locked doors can be a real threat/time consuming, you dont want to be trap or split and Shoulder Pad gonna help you react faster.

EMP Rounds II

January is very important into the team, we want to support her as possible so we bring EMP Rounds and we assist her at taking out cameras when we can.

Pharmacy I0I

Since we can’t heal infections anymore we want something who can compensate this cons and Pharmacy gonna help you bring more herbs from defeated zombies. But unlike Surplus you aren’t sharing the passive, you don’t really need to “kill” a zombie (assist works) so try to headshot at least one time every zombies if you can.

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