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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - How to Summon Shenron

Jan 21, 2020    

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How To Summon Shenron and Use Dragon Balls

In order to summon the infamous Shenron in DBZ: Kakarot, you must first have found and collected all seven dragon balls that have been randomly scattered across the world.

With all seven dragon balls finally collected, make your way to the Menu system and select the Dragon Balls option. From there, select the Wish that you want to choose and then press the Summon Shenron option.

Here, you will have the option to select from the following wishes:

  • Bring A Character Back To Life Who Died During the Story
  • I Want Z Orbs - 10,000 Blue Orbs, 10,000 Yellow Orbs, 10,000 Red Orbs, 10 Rainbow Orbs
  • I Want To Be Rich - 30,000 Zeni
  • A Selection of Rare Items - 1 Whole Roast On The Bone, 1 Juicy Steamed Bun, 1 Burning Tofu, 1 Refreshing Sea Food Soup, 1 Rich Seafood Soup, 1 Fish Rice Ball, 1 Fresh Seafood Pasta, 1 Dense Sesame dumpling,
  • Re-Fight Past Bosses

After making your wish, you will need to unfortunately collect all seven Dragon Balls once again. However, don't go searching straight away, as you will need to spend approximately 20 minutes in game before you can start collecting the dragon balls again.