Wartales – Trade Goods Tables

Just fast and dirty table for trading goods in Wartales.

Trade Goods Tables

  • 10% buying bonus from Paths is correct
  • 10% selling bonus when going through prices looks more like 14% ( I am not aware that I ate any food which could throw prices off )

Extra bonuses for eaten food:

  • I know of several big dishes which will increase profit even more,will update later when I will be in game to check.
  • In basic/bonus tables, 2 lowest prices are stricken out, and 2nd highest price in green, with clear winner boldened.

Basic Prices

Prices at start of game without any bonuses:

Distance Profits

Price is going up as you are moving away from item source (Orange):

(Ofc you can sell anywhere on the road to mobile mechants)

Path Bonuses

From what I was calculating with 10% on buy and 10% on sell side, I discovered that selling bonus is up to 14%.

Of course you can increase your margins through food even more:

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