Occupy Mars: The Game – Official FAQ

Warning – this guide may contain spoilers!

Colonist FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions How to Survive on Mars

Basic Information

What does E.R.A. stand for?

Earth Research Agreement – after the integration of three international technological companies, a powerful corporation E.R.A. is formed. Thanks to the joint effort, they quickly begin to lead in technological research, which allows them to send the first manned mission to Mars. Years later, E.R.A. bases on the red planet become commonplace.

I recently underwent a solitary survival simulation, and frankly, it didn’t go very well. Are there any recommendations on how to build an evacuation base?

Of course, in accordance with Annex 5 of the evacuation procedures. An escape pod is designed to keep astronauts alive for the first few days. The cabinets contain materials necessary to build basic facilities and food rations sufficient to survive until more crops can be cultivated. The E.R.A. recommends that you start by building a well and a solar panel, to provide water and power for your spacesuit. The oxygen and power supply to the escape capsule are continuously maintained.

What does LPM / LMB and PPM / RMB mean?

They indicate which button you are to press in order to authorize the operation – LPM or LMB means – left button, PPM or RMB means – right button.

Is there an option to label corridors in the base? I get lost too often.

An advanced colonist has the option to install signs in the base where they can place the text of their choice. A screwdriver is required to mount them.

Do I really need to build a science table? What will it give me and where should I place it?

Science tables are crucial for further development. Only on them can you unlock more advanced technologies. You can place them in the workshop and HQ.

Why is my health level not detected by the suit as 100%, even though I’ve slept, I’m not hungry, I’m not thirsty and I have adequate oxygen levels? Nothing threatens me, I am not electrocuted, for example.

A key aspect for good health is getting a good night’s sleep. If you sleep exclusively on a chair you won’t achieve full regeneration, you need to sleep on a bed for this, which you can find, for example, in a living capsule or build it inside a workshop.

Why do I sometimes feel like I’m starting to see kind of time-lapse?

Seeing in low frames per second may be the result of space radiation. The E.R.A. is conducting research on it, but it’s still only in the development stage; We have been able to confirm that the effect remains purely visual, with no effect on the colonists’ health. To reduce unpleasant discomfort, it is recommended to change the HUD display settings to a lower setting.

How to remove the helmet? I’ve been here a month and it’s a bit silly to ask, and it would be useful to

You manage your suit and its equipment from the inventory tab in your tablet. If you want to remove the helmet – drag its icon to an empty slot in the inventory. To put it on, drag it back to the slot on the left. You can also bind a key for this in the game’s settings.

My helmet is broken, what should I do?

In such a situation you need to act quickly, oxygen escapes rapidly from an unsealed helmet. If you have a repair kit in your inventory, use it by pressing the RMB icon and selecting use. You can also replace the helmet with a new one if you are inside a sealed room with access to oxygen.

Can I explore Mars without a helmet?

Yes, but very briefly. Lack of oxygen is the most common cause of asphyxiation on Mars. We do not recommend dying this way.

At what hours can I safely be outside? What is the reason for this rule?

The standard colonist’s suit provides protection against moderately low temperatures. During the hours from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m., the temperature drops too much, which can lead to death from hypothermia. Therefore, it is safe to be outside during the daytime hours when the temperature is warmer.

Why do device screens have a screensaver or are black?

E.R.A. cares about the rational use of energy. Interacting with the device screen wakes it up, as long as you are not using it, the device screen will remain in sleep mode.

What if I didn’t plan the base quite right? I built the workshop too close to the well and can’t build an airlock.

You can demolish and rebuild the buildings you have constructed. Thanks to modern tools provided by E.R.A., you can recover 100% of the materials used.

What can I do if I’m not progressing as fast as I’d like?

Review the steps you have taken previously and consider whether you want to repeat any of the courses.

What can I do with items that I no longer use and will not use?

You can dispose of unused items such as empty seed magazines in the trash garbage can or thrown in the crusher.

Recently, I saw a small fire, of course I ran to extinguish it. I wonder if anyone can put out fires? Next to the burning item, someone was calmly repairing the printer, should I report it somewhere?

Any violation of safety rules should be immediately reported to superiors. It is the duty of every colonist to ensure the safety of themselves and other residents, which also applies to firefighting.

Why do so many errors occur?

The systems provided to colonists are in Early Access mode, and the colonists have a real impact on the course and development of the mission. Most of the technologies found on Mars were tested during the Beta mission carried out by BTT and should not pose a significant threat to colonists.

How to mark on the map where the nearest waterspot is?

Equip the spectral detecor, if the water spot is within range, press Y and a marker will appear on the map. Later, go to the radar tab in the tablet to set the tracking point.

Resources Necessary for Survival

How to refill oxygen?

To refill your oxygen bottle, use the CO2 Scrubber (in the base or escape pod). You can also use the well with the Sabatier Reactor extension. When your bottle in the inventory is empty, simply press the button on the screen. Remember that you can’t refill a bottle that is in use, drag it to an empty slot in your inventory. Don’t forget to pick it up!

How to refill water?

Refill your suit directly from the well or tap. You can refill your bottle through the well interface – when your empty bottle is in the inventory, simply press the button on the screen. Remember that you can’t refill a bottle that is in use, drag it to an empty slot in the inventory. Don’t forget to pick it up!

How do I replace my oxygen or water bottle?

You manage your suit and its equipment from the inventory tab in your tablet. If you want to replace the bottle – drag its icon to an empty space in the inventory. Then drag the full bottle to the appropriate slot in the suit. If you want to change it quickly – drag the icon of the bottle from the suit to the place of the full bottle in the inventory and vice versa, this will allow automatic replacement.

Where to get food packages from?

You can create them with your own hands using the Food Processing Unit. Place fresh vegetables and fruits in the slots of the machine and create the most valuable mix. If you are unable to grow the plants yourself, you can always try looking for leftovers in old science centers that are no longer in use.

Why do I need CO2 bottles?

Carbon dioxide bottles are used for the compressor tool, which is used to clean solar panels, among other things.

On the well screen, I saw that it is possible to generate oxygen and methane, how to do it?

An advanced colonist can add Sabatier reactors to the well, one to the right and one to the left of the well. However, for the reactor to work properly, a vertical tank for a certain type of substance (oxygen/methane) is required. Each Reactor with a tank consumes an additional 5 kW/h, remember to connect the power supply to the well, which is the base for Sabatier.


When is the best time to plant crops?

It is a good practice to make sure there is enough water and electricity supplied to your buildings. Plants shouldn’t wilt during the first night without power, but it’s important that they get the resources they need as soon as possible.

My plant is in very bad condition, but it has not wilted yet, can I still save it?

Yes, but you need to act quickly. Plants can be saved as long as they are not wilted (their HP is above 0). Provide the appropriate growing conditions as soon as possible, and they will regenerate.

Why did my plants wither?

Did you remember to keep your plants properly watered, lighted and fertilized, and were there no prolonged interruptions in terms of water and electricity supply? If so, and your plants still died, you didn’t take care of the temperature. Plants can freeze.

If the temperature is too low, and you have a properly powered building, wait for it to warm up. Adding large buildings to the base, without protecting the passages with 2 airlocks will result in temperature drops. Remember to take this into account.

What to do with wilted plants?

Process wilted plants into fertilizer in a fertilizer machine. If you do not yet have this device – store them in a cabinet, for example.

Why do you give the ability to mutate seeds? What does it give, is it safe?

The agricultural development program on Mars envisions the development of this field. Therefore, we provide machines that allow you to improve the parameters of, for example, the speed of plant growth in a completely safe way. I assure you that if you try to put the grown fruits in both windows of the machine yourself, you will be satisfied with the result.

Why does my potato have a growth level of 2/2?

Congratulations, your potato has grown from a seedling level to a full-fledged plant. Now it is ready to be transplanted to the hydroponic shelf. A tip for correct repotting: remember, green up.

My well’s water production is not enough to keep my plants alive, how do I solve this?

Build another well and pump, connect both wells to pump’s input outlets, and connect 1 output socket to the building. Remember to set the appropriate flow rate and substance type on the pump display.


How to charge the suit?

Approach the blue socket of the solar panel or the outlet in the building supplied with electricity and hold down the LMB.

Why do solar panels give less energy than yesterday?

Check if they are dirty, if so, use a compressor to clean the solar panels. If you do not have access to a compressor, or a necessary CO2 bottle for it, do not panic – the panels will return to full efficiency after some time.

What if the battery capacity is not enough to power the base overnight?

Try to accumulate more energy. If you are just starting your work on Mars, learn how to manage energy using more than one battery. Connect them in series (panels to transformer, transformer to battery 1, battery 1 to battery 2, battery 2 to the base) to increase your chances of survival. If you have gained experience in electrical engineering you can build a battery extension, which will allow you to store more energy by adding additional cells.

I don’t have enough outlets in my transformer, and I need more power, what should I use?

If you have transformer extension technology available, then adding it to an existing transformer is the optimal way to increase the number of outlets and redirect energy. This solution is cost-effective, fast and easiest. If you do not have the authority to build an extension – build a separate transformer, redirect the energy to one of the outlets and connect to the previously built transformer.

I died while destroying a solar panel, why?

When destroying infrastructure elements, you must be very careful not to approach sparking sockets, as you may be electrocuted. The same can happen when you are in the process of destroying something close to a charged battery or transformer actively transferring energy.

Why does kilopower radiate?

Kilopower generates energy using uranium rods, which are radioactive. Avoid being near them, especially if the device’s casing has been damaged.

Why do I hear strange beeping when I’m near the reactors?

Every colonist has a built-in radiation counter in their suit. Being in areas with high radiation levels is dangerous, and the beeping serves as an alarm signal.


Do you have any simple advice for a first long-distance expedition?

The E.R.A. handbook recommends setting up a base camp near a water source.

What else besides tools is worth taking on an exploration far from the base?

The E.R.A. recommends stocking up on supplies of oxygen, water and food, as well as fully charging your suit. Also, bring materials needed for building a survival capsule, a small solar panel and a well. Such preparation will allow you to build a base camp for survival on long-distance expeditions. First aid kits and helmet repair kits can be useful too.

I found a black tablet in the base, what should I do with it?

The tablets contain information needed to unlock specific technologies. Press USE on the tablet in your inventory to unlock it, read its contents, and transfer the necessary files.

I found a tablet with night vision technology, how to use it?

You can turn on the night vision by pressing N.

How to obtain materials from abandoned bases?

The E.R.A. cares about the Mars environment. Each colonist has access to a Grinder, which can be used to recover valuable elements from disused buildings. Remember, a clean planet is a happy planet!


Why did the airlock push and injure me when I opened it?

Most likely, you built only one airlock instead of two. The E.R.A. system prioritizes safety on its stations, and with two airlocks and proper power supply, the system will regulate the pressure, preventing sudden decompression and injuries, and the airlock will open automatically. In exceptional situations it is permissible to have a singular airlock. The system also works in the event of power outage, but the responsibility for safe opening rests with the user. Watch the pressure change on the airlock display, when the numerical values are in the range of 0-100 you can safely use the lever and open the airlock manually.

How to use a 3D printer?

You will find a small 3D printer in the escape pod, but you can also build one in certain buildings. You’ll need to supply the printer with rocks, which you can transfer from your inventory to the printer’s container on the right side. Go to the print tab and select the part and quantity you need. Don’t forget to move the printed items to your own inventory.

Where to get parts for building construction?

You can manufacture parts for building construction using specially designed 3D printers. The small 3D printer is standard equipment in the escape capsule, and it can also be built in other buildings. Another way is to recover building materials from unused scientific facilities on Mars.

Where to get raw materials for printing?

You will obtain raw materials for printing by mining rocks and collecting them into your inventory. A beginner colonist is qualified to use a Jackhammer for this purpose, while more experienced ones can use the Heavy Rover.

How to check how much oxygen is in the building?

On HUD, the system automatically shows how much oxygen is inside a room, if you need more detailed information – open the radar and select the first icon from the top left. Later, select the building that interests you. E.R.A. also provides information on whether oxygen levels are rising or falling. Watch the arrows – a red one pointing to the left means the oxygen level is dropping, green arrows pointing to the right – the oxygen level is rising.

Does the building have to have 100% oxygen for me to remove my helmet?

No. Of course, the higher oxygen pressure the safer, but an already low amount allows you to breathe. Remember that staying inside without a helmet consumes oxygen from the building so monitor its level.

How to deliver oxygen to buildings?

You can deliver oxygen to buildings using a pipe connected to Sabatier Reactor’s oxygen pump or oxygen tank. Oxygen at the base can also be generated by a CO2 Scrubber, placed in one of the rooms. Planting oxygen-producing crops is also helpful.

At the base I get messages about critical oxygen levels, even though the building on the map shows that there is enough oxygen, why?

Remember to take off your helmet when you are in the building, it will save the oxygen in the bottle. Also, don’t forget to put it on before going outside. The technical department was supposed to update the suit’s valve software so that it automatically draws oxygen from the environment without pulling off the helmet, but there were technical problems, so the project was put on hold.

I have gained access to build refrigerators, where can I find them in the menu?

To build a refrigerator, find the blueprint in the garage tab.

I want to set up HQ so that I have a view of the sunrise, how can I do it?

When putting up a building ghost, you can use the arrows to adjust its orientation, and the height above the ground.

How to repair a building?

If the building shows signs of damage, use a blowtorch to fix it. Remember to repair the damage on an ongoing basis so that you do not suffer the financial consequences of events caused by negligence.

Does the well provide oxygen?

No, the basic version of the well only provides water. Its built-in solar panel allows you to draw water from underground ice deposits during the day, if you want it to function at night as well, you need to connect a charged battery or kilopower to it. Remember that you can refill water bottles at the well (via the screen, an option only available when the well has power) or refill the suit directly from the outlet (a 24-hour option). To obtain oxygen, you need to add Sabatier Reactor extension to the well and connect additional power.

Why does the well look like it’s leaking?

Because it is leaking, if you notice damage on infrastructure elements repair them immediately. Damaged buildings do not provide adequate safety parameters and can disintegrate.

How to operate the CO2 scrubber? Recently, I inadvertently made it explode….

CO2 Scrubber is a very important part of the infrastructure, it removes carbon dioxide and provides oxygen in the base, its operation is not complicated if you remember the basic information. When setting it up, you must aim for three things: 1) the highest possible amount of oxygen generated, 2) the lowest possible temperature, 3) the lowest possible power consumption. You will make the appropriate changes by turning the valves and rearranging the position of the controllers. CO2 Scubber will not be active until you press Start, the moment it is turned off, you can safely change the settings, so you are not in danger of explosion. If the temperature exceeds 100 degrees C it will blow up. Changing the settings automatically disables the CO2 Scrubber for the safety of colonists.

Why is my CO2 Scrubber not working?

Check that you have enough power, if you have checked this and the Scrubber still does not work, check the display to see if it is running. As a last resort, reset the Scrubber using the Start and Stop buttons on the interface.

hy don’t the emergency capsule doors open automatically, while regular airlocks do open automatically?

We abandoned automatic opening of the escape capsule doors due to the high number of cases of quality controllers being crushed by the capsule doors.


How to repair a vehicle?

E.R.A.’s technical thought has created vehicles that can be easily repaired. You can repair them by replacing the electronic control board and reheating the cracked areas with a blowtorch. Thanks to modern material technology the structure will heal itself when exposed to heat. Try not to damage company property, however, if you found a vehicle left unattended, check if it runs. If not, replace the control board and return it to the nearest hangar.

How to charge the vehicle’s battery?

Each vehicle has a charging socket. Plug the vehicle into a power source using a cable.

How to replace the electronic control board in the ATV Quad Bike?

Approach the vehicle, open the front hatch. Remove the damaged board by simply pressing on it. Once the slot is empty take the replacement board and press again to make sure the new controller board is correctly secured. Remember to have a functional controller board present in your inventory. Before setting off on your journey, close the hatch so it doesn’t limit your visibility.

When will I get my own heavy rover?

Heavy rover is a vehicle that requires prior experience in various fields. Once the system assesses that the colonist has the necessary skills and experience, the colonist will be given the opportunity to build a Heavy Rover with his own hands.

I was given a used ATV, but now I see that I can already build my own, is it worth it, or is it better to drive an old one?

Used and damaged ATVs have the software defined speed limiter which prevents further damage to the battery and greatly affects power, range and battery life. A new quad will be a much more efficient tool for the job.

I very often capsize while riding an ATV, what can I do?

When riding an ATV, it’s crucial to adjust your speed to the terrain and obstacles on the road. Don’t forget about minor unevenness in the terrain, which can lead to an accident in low gravity.

I often land sideways and end up in the infirmary after jumping on the ATV. Is there a trick to landing safely?

Driving an ATV can be dangerous, we do not recommend jumping. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, try to counterbalance during the jump, for example, if you lean to the left, try to straighten the quad by turning to the right. Holding the handbrake SPACE can also be helpful.

My vehicle is wedged between rocks, can I unlock it somehow? I’ve already lost my ATV this way, is there really no better option?

In such situations, pressing the R button should help unlock the vehicle.

I put on a jetpack and pressed the button. The force of the thrust lifted me off the ground and accidentally damaged a solar panel. My boss is now furious with me… How can I learn to operate this device faster?

The correct technique of flying with a jetpack involves several steps. To take off, hold down SHIFT. Once you are at the appropriate height, hold down W to level off and enable steering. To change your altitude or land, hold down S.

When you are back in a vertical position, you can adjust your altitude. Remember that even with lower gravity, you can still crash if you don’t reduce your speed during landing. Holding down SHIFT will slow your landing and allow you to safely touch down.

Tech Tree

Why don’t I have access to chemistry technologies?

E.R.A. is developing a package of technologies in the field of chemistry and biochemistry that will facilitate the colonization of Mars. They will be made available in future updates along with additional training courses.

How do I get promoted to gain access to more technology? Does promotion come with a raise?

Carry out tasks assigned by superiors. Your own work also matters, each tool you use monitors the number of hours worked. If you want to learn more about new technologies – look for a tablet which describes the necessary details. If by raise you mean the development of your own skills, then of course.

How can I learn more information about objects or technologies?

All information can be found in the Knowledge Base. If you need a quick, shortened information, hover over the object with your cursor.

How to get more experience in botany?

On Mars you have plenty of opportunities to gain experience in the field that interests you. In the case of botany, you score points when you: harvest fruits, process them, sow a whole field of a particular device and, of course, when your plants grow. You can also produce fertilizer or soil and collect waste containers. E.R.A. allows you to make mistakes, so if your plants wilt, you can count on it being recognized as experience too. However, we suggest not to overuse this form. To maintain order in the workplace, in the later stages of development, we strongly recommend building and using a special botany research table.

How to get more experience in electrical engineering?

On Mars you have plenty of opportunities to gain experience in the field that interests you. In the case of electricity, you score points when you: produce energy, keep solar panels in good shape by cleaning them, repair electronic controller boards, or charge vehicles. To maintain order in the workplace, we strongly recommend building and using an electrics research table in later stages of your development.

How to get more experience in the materials field?

On Mars you have a lot of opportunities to gain experience in the field that interests you. In the case of material sciences you score points when you: build (regardless of whether you use a manual welder or a rover), repair, disassemble, print, but also when you unload the rover on the crusher. To maintain order in the workplace, we strongly recommend building and using a materials research table in later stages of development.

How to get more experience in mechanics?

On Mars you have plenty of opportunities to gain experience in the field that interests you. In the case of mechanics you score points when you operate heavy machinery, especially: build using the rover’s robotic arm, split rocks using Jackhammer, check their composition with the spectral detector, charge vehicles or unload rocks into the crusher. To maintain order in the workplace, we strongly recommend building and using the mechanics research table at later stages of development.

How to unlock technologies?

E.R.A. provides information on available career paths for colonists. In the Tech Tree tab on the tablet, you can check your current technological level. On the right side you have information about the number of points you can allocate for training – choose your development path wisely and hold down the button responsible, for the technology you have chosen.

What are gateways in my development plan?

Gateways in the development plan are technologies that you need to learn before you unlock a technology, for more information about them see the question: ‘I found a black tablet in the base, what should I do with it?


What should I do when a sandstorm starts?

Take shelter – violent winds sometimes carry stones that can hit you. Wait out the storm, and when it’s over: check the condition of your buildings and clean your solar panels with a compressor, otherwise they won’t provide as much energy as they should. If you don’t have access to a compressor, or the necessary CO2 bottle for it, don’t panic – the panels will return to full functionality after some time.

What should I do when a solar storm starts?

Take shelter – your suit is not resistant to that much radiation. Wait out the storm in a safe place (select the radioactivity icon on the radar in the tablet to see which building will be the safest). Remember to check the condition of your buildings after it’s over.

What should I do when a tornado or dust devil hits?

Take shelter as soon as possible, the air current can sweep you up and smash you into a building wall, also watch out for flying objects. When the weather stabilizes, inspect the condition of your buildings and be sure to clean your solar panels with a compressor, otherwise, they won’t provide as much energy as they should. If you don’t have access to a compressor, or the necessary CO2 bottle for it, don’t panic – the panels will return to full operation after some time.

What should I do when the meteor shower starts?

Run away and take shelter as soon as possible, rarely does anyone survive a direct hit. Do not approach falling meteors, the shock wave can damage you. When the meteor warning disappears, go to check the damages of the base and proceed with necessary repairs.

Why can’t I sleep during weather conditions?

For the safety of colonists, the E.R.A. has taken appropriate precautions against dangerous weather phenomena. The sensors contained in the suit will partially block the colonist’s sleep during a hazard. A worker’s alertness during dangerous weather phenomena is needed for quick reaction to possible damage to the research center or evacuation in extreme cases.


I can’t see any soldering points on the board, what should I do?

Remember, circuit boards are soldered from the underside of the board. Of course, it can also be done from the component side, but it is more difficult and requires impeccable dexterity. If you don’t know how to flip the board over, remember that the instructions for operating the suit are displayed in the upper right corner of the helmet interface.

How do I identify which rock contains which raw resource?

Beginning colonists often have this problem. At the beginning of your adventure on Mars, tools for quick assessment of the composition of rocks are not provided. More experienced crew members are authorized to use the Level II Spectral Detector, which allows to scan the rock and obtain key information about the raw materials and estimate the composition it contains.

Why do I need this radar? I don’t know how to use it?

In the near future, E.R.A. will provide additional training on this topic. The radar itself is very important for managing the security of the base. There, you will find information, among other things, about whether enough water and electricity are being supplied to the base; the condition of the buildings, how much oxygen is inside, etc. In addition, the included map will help you navigate Mars, explore historical sites, and return safely to the base.

Why can’t I destroy every building with my Grinder?

The level 1 Grinder is designed for the skill level of a beginner colonist. It allows for safe destruction of small objects, usually located inside abandoned bases. Level 2 Grinder enables destruction of small and medium-sized objects, such as external infrastructure elements. The level 3 Grinder allows for destruction of all buildings.

However the software of each grinder allows for destroying any object of any size constructed by the the colonist himself.

I lost my Grinder, can I get a new one?

If you have unlocked the technology for the Grinder, there is a blueprint of it on your tablet. Go to a 3D printer and print the tool. Remember, the costs associated with losing or damaging the E.R.A.-provided equipment will be deducted from the colonist’s paycheck.

I have unlocked the tool upgrade technology, how can I upgrade the tool itself?

To upgrade the tool, you need to have a functioning workbench (don’t forget the power supply to the building!). On the workbench screen, move the tool from your inventory to the upgrade slot on the right and click Upgrade. After pressing the button, the process will start automatically. Don’t forget to pick up the upgraded tool, just pick it up from the table after it’s done.

Development Paths

I’m just starting my work on Mars, and I promised my mom that I’ll be safe. What development paths will give me the best chance of survival in case of a disaster?

Based on the training data of prominent colonists, we recommend the following first steps:

  • Botany – Refrigerator, Seed Machine, Food Processing, Slowe Withering I
  • Electricity – Lithium – ion Batteries, Industrial Energy Converters, Battery pack upgrade, More Efficient Panels I, Workbench
  • Materials – CO2 Scrubber, Repair kit, small corridor, living capsule, survival capsule
  • Mechanics – Grinder I, Air compressor, Jackhammer II, Night vision device, Detector I, Detector II

You can choose any development path, but plan wisely, look ahead and plan the next steps.Remember that some of the technologies require knowledge and experience on other paths. You can find all the information in the Tech Tree tab section of your tablet.


Can I build a crusher? I’m tired of manually breaking rocks and carrying them to the printer.

You’ll only need a crusher once you have the ability to transport larger rock fragments using vehicles (like Heavy Rover or Mars Truck).

Until you unlock them, it’s not a rational use of resources. The basic version of the crusher crushes larger rock fragments into ore suitable for printing. The large crusher has a big 3D Printer built-in so you can print, not only building elements but also trailers for the Rover.

Why can’t I completely destroy old or damaged vehicles?

During the development of the settlement program, E.R.A. analyzed many possible threats and created vehicles that can be easily repaired with a welder, even if they are heavily damaged. Thanks to this, in case of an emergency, a colonist, such as a member of future missions, can use the vehicles left on the terrain.

When the Nitrogen runs out, will plants still grow, only slower?

Yes. E.R.A. is aware of the difficulties associated with obtaining Nitrogen, especially in the initial stages of establishing a base. Therefore, the plants recommended by our specialists are able to do without it. The Nitrogen accelerates plant growth by 140%.

Apart from toilets and withered plants, is there any other way to come across Nitrogen?

Possible ways to produce fertilizer are: collecting waste tanks, collecting organic waste, plants in every stage of growth, fruits and spoiled food.

Will potatoes taken from the incubator mature in the field? Say you’re maxing growth so you have more than you need in order to overproduce and extract seeds. Will they only reach 100% in the Hydroponics shelf? Or are they happy in the field from 50%?

We wholeheartedly recommend that you transplant potatoes to hydroponic shelves for much faster growth and more nutritional value.

What’s the purpose of Antennas? How does the tablet range work? What do I need it for?

Antennas are used to increase the range of remote control for the rover and Ingenuity. They also allow for remote switching of fuses at the base. Remote control is also possible near the HQ building, which is already equipped with an antenna. The tablet itself has a very limited range. Antennas can be connected in series, but they must be placed within their range.

I can’t find something, how does the detection sense work?

The AI in your spacesuit provides a detection mechanism. It is an intelligent way of scanning the surroundings. When there are objects in your vicinity that you can interact with, they will be highlighted. All you have to do is press Z.

How to refuel the Jetpack?

The Jetpack is powered by a mixture of oxygen and methane. To refill the fuel, you need to equip the Jetpack, then approach the tank containing methane or oxygen and hold down the E/LMB key. There is an optical indicator on the backpack that shows the fuel level. Follow the same procedure with oxygen. Only after refilling these two things, the Jetpack will be ready for flight.

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