Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – How to Get the Abhor the Mutant Penance for Zealot

This guide clears up some specific information and gives some important tips on this penance and includes a video with examples of failures and and successful attempt.

Guide to Get the Abhor the Mutant Penance for Zealot

Note: Credit goes to Yeowskii


I’m making this post just in case someone else like me had serious issues getting the penance done. I tried axes, knives, eviscerators, etc., and hammers were the only ones to work. Here’s some pointers from someone who spent all weekend trying and JUST now got it:

Information and Tips

Yes, the upgraded version of the ability with two charges will also count for the penance.

You need to sort of “accidentally” hit to mutant with an attack while dashing. You need to aim the dash to the side of the mutant, and then hit them with the outer edge of a heavy attack. This is why the hammer works best. Its sweeping heavy attack is one of the only aoe ones that can reliably one shot a mutant when charged.

Other weapon attacks often fail because the attack itself stops the dash the instant it deals damage. Similarly, targeting the mutant with the dash will often hinder you by stopping you when you’re close enough to strike.

Play on Uprising difficulty, not Sedition. Mutants have a nice, low health pool on both, but Uprising will see mutants spawn in much more often.

Getting “separated” from your group by hanging back might make a mutant spawn in targeting you (or any other special enemy, so be warned). Someone else can probably explain why better than I can.

There have been people who have gotten the penance using the chain swords before. To do this you’d need to rev up the sword, hit the mutant, and then activate a charge exactly before the killing blow damage instance (the red hitmarkers) since any instance of damage from the sword seems to end the “charging” character state.

It is, of course, possible to just perfectly time a direct charge with any melee weapon or just accidentally get the penance in normal gameplay. This route is basically a lottery due to the timing and janky requirement to get the kill during the movement portion of the ability (i.e. not just getting a mutant kill using the damage bonus from Chastise the Wicked).

The mutant itself does not need to be moving during the attack. I killed mine just after it hit a wall and stopped moving.

Video Evidence

This is a video with some recent failed attempts and then my successful attempt at the end:

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