Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Early Tips

Just a far too early guide to not dying in the 41st (or is it 42nd now?) millennium.


This are some preliminary and quite basic tips, to help people find their feet.


  • If there’s a big monster, shoot the little ones first, then shoot the big ugly monster.
  • Stay together. No, even more so, it regenerates your Toughness.
  • Not kidding. Hold hands the whole way.
  • There’s a little icon in the bottom left that shows how many of your teammates you’re in coherency with.
  • On tabletop, unit coherency is 2”. Stay that close.
  • Melee attacks regenerate toughness too, but not taking damage in the first place because you shot the enemy at a safe distance is better.
  • Speaking of which, you are going to take some damage (if you don’t, why do you need a guide?), so regenerating toughness is important.
  • Man-sized rats are a myth.
  • If the enemies haven’t noticed you yet, shoot the closest ones first.
  • Different Lasguns play differently, and often take more than one unit of ammunition per shot.
  • Reloading removes the loaded clip first, so interrupting reloading leaves you with an empty clip.
  • Distance yourself from melee enemies, close with ranged ones, although the latter is dicey for the shotgunner and flamers.
  • If there’s only one way for the enemy to get in, there’s no way for you to get out.
  • Psykers don’t need grenades, so be helpful and tag for those who do.
  • Try not to dress like the enemy, it doesn’t help.
  • Always assume the enemy can get behind you.
  • The Beast of Nurgle has a swallow attack, so don’t get too close.
  • There is no substitute for communication, but making the enemy’s head explode is close.
  • If the boss is attacking you, evade, and let your teammates do the damage. Or reviving.
  • Reviving is more important than killing, but sometimes you have to do some killing so you can revive successfully.
  • Similarly, play the enemy first, the objective second. You can’t complete the mission if you’re dead.
  • Don’t wander off on your own, even if your auspex tells you to.
  • When you drop down, all drop down together.
  • When in doubt, shoot. When in peace, reload. When in trouble, push and melee.
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