Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – How to Fight Demonhost

Here’s some tips. So everyone would know how to deal with it and not be scared.

Tips to Fight Demonhost

Note: Credit goes to Eagle_I_am


If DH spawned occasionally in hard situation, the guy aggroed it can run away from team, and team can run away from him, so DH would disappear after one frag. But thats are extreme measures.

  1. Often DH summons also big horde. Most people die of little trash and not from boss itself. So never put all your attention to one place. Anywahy, bosses chase one target, everyone else must clear field and do damage. So just know your class and do what ever you can best.
  2. Ogryn with shield. Most easy solution, put door on ground and wait. This works even when team are completely novices. Only bad is that ogryn needs to use mic to call team to do something, he cant unpress shield button.
  3. Anyone else can dance with DH long enough with good training. Despite DH attacks breake block realy fast and insta burn toughness, he can be dodged. So dodge a lot. And better do it on same small place, so teammates could actually hit it also.
  4. Put medkit under feet of tanking teammete/yourself.

Weapons Part

  1. Most meele in general are more effective, than ranged.
  2. Special abilities of chain and power weapon do a lot of damage. Especially good is power hammer. Zelot with decent (not true, any) power hammer with some effort can solo DH, like he do all other bosses.
  3. Head. Lasguns are pretty pointy, so there is some opportunity to target head and do some good damage. Especially when he starting to suck out poor victim.
  4. Bolter can do good damage in cost of big amount of ammo.
  5. Bleed, burn, soulblase. It can be stacked, renewed, and do a lot of damage in period of time. So better have in pocket some option for this, if you want to fight bosses in general also. Because of this I started to use bleed grenades on veteran instead of cheap reaload, by the way.

Bad Weapons

  1. Plasma. In general bad vs bosses, because cant’ fire continiously.
  2. Zealot’s 75% toughness damage reduction. Toughness burns instantly.

Devil Claw sword parry ability -> unlimited free block, spam it.

  • I found the one sword you can use to counter attack suprisingly work well blocking host attack. You can just keep spamming it and you’ll last a lot longer for your team to down it if you dont have a shield ogryn.

Have microphone be ready, set up, keys are binded

  • Chat is buggy, slow and unreliant.
  • Most probably you will need microphone for calling teammates in urgent situation.
  • And dont use micro without need. As for me, it annoying a lot to hear a stranger with bad english accent and bad noisy loud micro.

Psyker’s ability to build peril instead of stamina while blocking.

  • Works good. Even better with non-force weapon, because of lower peril generation.

Thunder hammer skip stun after powered strike.

  • Stun may be completely removed, you character will not lose mobility, ability to block, and also can power up next attack.
  • After hit connects press 1 (choose meele weapon bind). Stun canselled. Then You may block, dodge or power up next hit.

Full combo

  • Charge -> Heavy -> 1 -> charge…
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