ULTRAKILL – How to Kill Your Enemies

Hello fellow murder enthusiasts! This guide is dedicated to showing the various effective ways to kill your enemies. In ULTRAKILL. sorry. This first guide is for the earlier enemies in the game.

Guide to Kill Your Enemies

Fodder and Big Boys

These enemies make up the bulk of what is trying to kill you. This guide is largely tailored toward the earlier parts of the game, but will also supply reoccurring themes of how to murder your foes which deal damage. Damage is good.


These guys will charge at you with no reasoning in hoards, so the best thing to do is use multikill tactics and weapons. Red arm blasts can shut down an incoming hoard. Rockets can be quick, but be sure to hit them all (cannonballs can be shot to explode). Magnet and saws on the ground can slaughter them with ease and is my preferred choice since you can kill while you kill. And if you are feeling malicious you can blow them up the the red railgun, though preferably with other enemies nearby.


No challenge, really just walking blood. Whiplash and red punch to refill health when needed. Or if you just want them gone you can use the revolver, or rockets, or saws


These fellas are beefy but telegraphed. If you jump, whiplash them to you, and use the red arm, you can quickly splat them if aiming downwards. You can pump your shotgun twice and obliterate them. And a hefty but not killing hit can be done with a charged slab shot if you aim at their right shoulder.


A stray but angry and tanky. A ricoshot can quickly kill them, and with timing two at once. Or just a slab shot. Or a shotgun. Walking blood, really.

Malicious Face

This, this is… floating blood. These guys can be an important tool and can actually be a center piece in your fighting when in practice. Sharpshoot their projectile attacks when they fire to kill in one shot and explode nearby enemies. Shotgun and red punching them twice can kill. Or after the first shotgun-red-punch you can use the blue railgun to very quickly kill them. A reminder to use and test the SRS cannon! The cannonball does sizable damage and can be whiplashed to you and punched at them to hit them twice.


This is a danger. The thrown projectiles fly faster than rockets and are aimed for your feet, and the dashes -while slow- can have annoying damage and knockback, and then there’s the stomps which will cross the entire fight to hit you for being grounded. These guys are too tanky for a quick and easy kill. Saw traps, slab headshots, rockets, cannonballs, and the railguns are all effective at dealing damage without compromising distance. If they just attacked, you can whiplash to them and dump a shotgun round in them.


This is an opponent. Parry their slashes and DUMP damage onto them with shotgun swaps, railguns, and cannonballs. Direct confrontation is best done with health and space. Indirect confrontation can be done with a saw trap, revolvers, and if circumstances align projectile parries.


This is an opportunity. Whiplash with a red punch will rocket them to where you are aiming and explode. A slab shot will kill them, but they will death charge at you. A charged slab shot will make them instantly explode.

Street Cleaner

This is an annoyance. A coin shot behind them will make them explode. If you whiplash them (when their dodge is recharging) and punch them down like a schism they will explode on their splattifull death.


Floating blood. Shotgun-red-punch with a follow up of whatever hard hit you want, like a cannonball, charged slab shot, or railgun. When they die they will drop their inner core which when broken on the floor will launch you away, good mobility.

These are the common enemies which can prove easy to kill, but hard to fully dominate on the battle field. You will need to be quick and evasive to keep out of danger against these enemies in a real fight. Never be still. Always be killing. Bubbidy bye!

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