Codename CURE – How to Obtain Survival Achievements

Welcome to my personal guide for gaining survival achievement (in case you have no friends/players to help you achieve these achievement).

Beginners Guide to Survival Achievements

Note: Credit goes to Yusu

Server Settings

First of all play the game on single player with bots enabled (not recommended to disable this since bots do protect you and does aim better and save much ammo between rounds).

Put difficulty on average since you ain’t forced to play on insane (except last man standing (skilled) and survivor (insane)).


  • Try to choose a location and weapon for your fight before time runs out the location and team organized on location can give huge advantage in defending yourself.
  • Never choose a narrow path or one path only location since you need an plan B in case you got overrunned by zombies / armored zombies, always go for wide and very open areas so your team (bots) can shoot from distance and lower the amount of zombies (same thing applies to turns never take the fight in a corner to avoid being jumped by a zombie).
  • If you seen yourself being swarmed by zombies use plan B which is move to another location from one of the openings from the other paths. it can help you deal with zombies with more distance and keep your team alive (retreat has never been a coward option).

Weapons and Tactics

  • Always and i say ALWAYS shoot the armored zombies first, since they have same health and armor as yours and they can be a trouble if they were in numbers between the horde (you can leave the normal ones to your teammates “bots” if they weren’t that huge threat).
  • Change your weapon after each round if ammo was too low or being in high rounds like 7 or 8, being low on ammo in middle of fight can be troublesome , sometimes a pistol can be more useful than going fist fighting the zombies (same thing to your squadmates they can run out of ammo even if they were bots).
  • Always keep the Supplies in safe zones as final choice, you will never know when you run out of ammo and your team got wiped in middle of round.
  • Snipers are powerful against armored zombies, don’t hesitate to use or get the weapon if you had the chance (you can be helpful by taking out armored zombies more preciesly while your team is taking care of normal zombies for you).
  • Never leave your squad behind and Never go in seperate ways away from your teammates, the closer you are to each other , the stronger the defense and support you will get.
  • Use your grenades wisely and aim better , “when can i use the grenade?” you might be asking so i will give you this list of questions.
    • “Are the zombies too many?”
    • “Are there any armored zombie between the horde?”
    • “are there many armored zombies between the horde?”
    • “Are the zombies hard to beat?”
    • “Are the heavy zombies hard to deal with? (if they were the only zombies left)”.

If your answer to all these questions were NO then Don’t use the grenade.

Note: most of the time the grenades are incinderate grenades rare chance to get normal ones.

Remember: your achievement progress won’t be affected if your team died, but it will affect if YOU died So don’t rush to your death.


With this method you can reach round 15 without having issues on average, but if you want to try your luck on skilled or insane , you can use these methods as tips or advices in case you got used to the game.

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