ULTRAKILL – Full Arsenal Weapon Mod Guide

With this new update, many people have been left wondering the goofy lil doo dads’ purposes and functions.

New Weapon Mod Fun

The “Slushinator 5000” Sawed-On

  • Ol’ Slushination
  • So here’s a goofy little thing, you don’t have to actually let go of the chainsaw, you can just keep it revving up. It makes one hell of a Filth soup.
  • Ol’ Chainsaw-i-cycle
  • Just punch the chainsaw with the knuckleblaster, nothing else really.

The “Whoops I Forgot to Charge my Maurice” Jumpstart

  • The Ol’ I overcharged my phone and it inflated like a balloon and f***ing exploded
  • So if you charge up an enemy. they explode, killing other enemies nearby.
  • The Ol’ I got your nose and now you live no moes
  • Use the whiplash to bring the enemy to you, or you to them, and just plug them ’em and watch them explode like the 4th of July.

The “Reason Why Gas Prices Are up” Firestarter

  • The Ol’ Slip and Slide
  • Simply walk forward a little while shooting out the gas, and you’ll start going forward until you run out of gas.
  • The Ol’ I sh** myself after having 97 bean burritos at the local Taco Bell
  • Shoot a little gas forward, set it on fire, and do the slip and slide again. It might hurt a little but so does taking a dump after eating Taco Bell.

The “Sniper Rifle Minus The Sniper Part or Even The Rifle Part” Jackhammer

  • The Ol’ Orbital Cannon
  • I got this one from kharci on the discussion “The Alt Sucks”, you just basically have to time the core and the jackhammer at the same time, and you’ll be able to shoot farther than a foot ahead of you.
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