Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – How to Shoot Guide

When playing this game I often ask my self “how do I shoot my gun tho” so I’m this guide I aim to tell you how to shoot your guns.

How to Shoot Your Guns

Close Range

When at close range, no matter what weapon, your best bet is to hip fire and jump around like a bunny on crack.

Medium Range

When at medium range how you shoot your gun depends on wether you have a scope or not. If you have a scope try to keep a bit of distance and land shots on the enemies (or teammates).

However, if you don’t have a scope your best bet is to hip fire and try to close the distance on the enemies. If you have grenades or friends use your friends to shoot suppressive fire on the enemies or use grenades to damage them or hide your movements.

Long Range

See Medium Range. Long range fights don’t exist in this game

Gangster Mode

Use Gangster mode with any of the following weapons: Thompson, Glock or Mac-10 and/or the blessing Sick Beats period. End of discussion


Don’t use prone whilst shooting, use prone whilst reviving a teammate to make it harder for enemies to hit you

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