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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds - How to Get Victory Royale

Created by Febbe   ::   Apr 9, 2020    

This guide is to show how to get easy Victory Royale (Win) in the popular Battle Royale game called Totally Accurate Battlegrounds.

How to Win (Useful Tips)

So we all know that getting a victory royale in TABS (Totally Accurate Battlegrounds) isn't the easiest. That's why I'm here to tell you guys the best secrets and tips!

  1. First of all you should play squad with 4 people because the more people the more power and control.
  2. The second tips is that you should take every ammo type you find since the backpack size is pretty big.
  3. Third tips will be to use the marker to indicate where enemies are.
  4. Number four is that if you have space for a melee weapon you should pick it up, since melee weapons can do a large amount of damage.
  5. Fifth tips is that you can jump out when vehicles are moving without taking damage and there is no fall damage.
  6. Sixth you don't always need to use a scope if you are close quarter fighting.
  7. Last tips, bicycles are underrated, they are quite fast as well as good offroad both up and down.

Created by Febbe.