Astonia Resurgence – Ice Army Caves Guide

This is a quick & easy guide to running the Ice Army Caves missions inside Astonia Resurgence.

Mission 1-2

This is the hardest one to pull off, surrender if necessary and retry.

This mission is easily rushed, the problem? The e-guard.

The thing you got to know is that e-guards aren’t like workers… You don’t need to kill them to be able to win the round.

Make two workers… Dash to the enemy and get around the e-guard… Go for the opposite side he’s standing from… Make sure you say “Fight” as soon as the e-guard start turning back as the fate of the battle is usually who gets the first hit.

Raise warcry and end by 3 each.

Mission 3

Get your 2 available soldiers… run down… once on sight of the e-guard… dash up from the front side and go out from the back side… once at the other side you gotta simply fight… having warcry is crucial.

Mission 4

(Requires max 5 workers)

I usually don’t do this mission until I have maxed warcry… skipping to 5 and doing the rest… But if you decide to do this… get all your workers out with the mines… run to Saphira (red) first and then take care of green… the only advice I can give you… Always attack the e-guard first… surround him and the fifth worker will be in the back using warcry.

Mission 5

This along with mission 8 are the TIME CONSUMING MISSIONS!

Get your 2 workers out… run to the enemy at the top left… Timing is crucial… you gotta arrive before they are able to drop the e-guard.

After they’re taken care of…

You got the choice, either run to the next enemy and “take” control of the deposit in front of the e-guard and deploy your units to fight the whole army, or just go back to your base… get tons of workers and train them in the slayed enemy’s storage.

Mission 6

This is the same thing as mission 3 (also uses the same map)

The only difference is there’s 3 vs 3 (*1 eguard).

Mission 7

Same thing as Mission 4

The difference is the first mine at your storage contains more plats, this allows you to start with more units!

You shouldn’t be too worried if your warcry is buffed by then.

Mission 8

Same thing as mission 5.

Except you three start with 3 workers.

It is harder to get to the first enemy before they drop the e-guard as they increase in speed.

Mission 9

Mine so you can get all your workers out!

STAY in base and send in 1 unit at a time to scout!

The goal is to get the two enemies to kill each other and to finish them both when the time comes.

Mission 10

Easy as hell, get your workers out.

Get to the enemy mine from “the exterior of the fence” and just kill him.

Mission 11-13

By now you should know what to do!

Be defensive.

Get them to kill each other.

Mission 14

Send 3 workers on each side and try to mine the plats… Once it’s done(if nothing goes wrong… in a couple minutes both enemies will be attacking your miners. Stay cool, stand next to the skeleton and get one worker out once in a while to make sure they don’t steal too much from your storage. They will soon be attacking each other in your base and you gotta rip the benefits once they are low in health… Use your e-guards if necessary.

Warcry Tactics Information

At earlier levels you won’t be affected by enemy’s warcry.

Run around with your workers following you and simply associate one of their number like “451 fight” and etc until all your workers cast their warcry… A smart way to take care of big lump of units hastily.

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