Red Algorithm – Injuries Guide

In this guide you will learn everything about injuries mechanic in Red Algorithm.

What Are Injuries?

Injuries in Red Algorithm is an annoying mechanic that makes the player weaker by reducing his stats. The chances of getting injured aren’t very high, however, you most certainly will get injured a few times in any game.

When you are injured, you see a body on the top-left corner of the screen:

You can see a torso injury in the image above.

It’s quite hard to heal an injury and in most cases, it will probably stay with you until the end of the game. And, with many injuries, the end will come sooner.

What Are The Chances To Be Injured?

The chance to get an injury depends on the body part that is being hurt.

There are 7 body parts in the game:

  • Right arm (0.25% / 0.5%)
  • Left arm (0.25% / 0.5%)
  • Right leg (0.25% / 0.5%)
  • Left arm (0.25% / 0.5%)
  • Torso / chest / body (1.5% / 3%)
  • Head (0.75% / 1.5%)
  • Eyes (0.25% / 0.5%)

In the brackets, you see the chance to get injured for the casual mode, and then for the Hard Mode, which is twice higher than in an ordinary game.

So, the total chance to get an injury from monsters’ hit (it can be melee or range hit) is about 3.5% and 7% in Hard Mode per hit (if we can add up these %…).

Another annoying part about injuries is that no matter how hard a monster hits you or how much armor (or damage absorption with perk Range Defence) you have, you can get injured anyway. Even weak spears that Savages (the 2nd monster) throw at you will cause injuries.

Negative Effects Of Injuries

Each injury decreases a stat, or a number of stats by a fixed value, which is set to 15% in the current game version (v1.2). For arms and legs, if both are injured, the total would be 30%.

  • Right arm (-15% shooting speed, reloading speed, and +15% malfunction chance)
  • Left arm (-15% shooting speed, reloading speed, and +15% malfunction chance)
  • Right leg (-15% move speed)
  • Left arm (-15% move speed)
  • Torso / chest / body (-15% armor)
  • Head (-15% experience gain speed)
  • Eyes (-15% accuracy and range)

Weirdly enough, in Red Algorithm an eye injury is kinda the least harmful one, and in most cases, a head injury, especially early on, just makes you rage-quit the game. Arm injuries are frustrating, but you still can play with them. And leg injuries are something that usually gets you much closer to your death if your hero doesn’t have enough speed. Torso injury is the most common one, but usually, you don’t feel extremely bad after you got it.

How To Heal Injuries?

Well, let’s start by saying that regular first aid kits or hero regeneration don’t heal your injuries. Healing an injury is possible, but it’s not an easy task.

Perk Doctor heals injuries.

Perk Alteration does so too.

And perk Phoenix kinda does it too (after rebirth).

That’s it. Currently, there are only 3 perks that can heal your injuries directly.

How To Avoid, Prevent or Mitigate Injuries?

Healing injuries is hard, but there are a few more ways to avoid, prevent or mitigate them.

The most obvious way to avoid injuries is to avoid getting hit, but such advice is not that helpful, and sometimes (almost always…) you just can’t avoid that.

Luckily, there are other ways to avoid injuries.

Perk Healthy decreases the chance to get an injury by 50%, which is a big deal. It basically makes the chance in Hard Mode the same as it’s in the casual mode. And in the casual mode, it makes it quite unlikely to get many injuries.

Perk Athlete is another great way to avoid injuries.

It gives you immunity to all injuries for 10 levels, from the level you take it. For example, if you took it on level 5, you won’t get any injuries until level 15! If you get it after level 21, it’ll give you the immunity forever, as the maximum level in the game is 30 (33 in some rare cases). Sadly, perk Athlete is not perfect and it has a serious side-effect of slowing you down each level, which cancels all the positive move speed bonus after 10 levels.


Injuries are annoying and frustrating, but it’s an important and somewhat realistic game mechanic that makes you weaker in the long game, without which the game would be much less fun. As with many other things in this game, injuries mechanic is a combination of RNG and skill. You can’t avoid them forever, but with some game knowledge and skill, you going to suffer from them far less than an inexperienced player.

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