Titanfall 2 – Skill Replacement Loadout

The Loadout

Main Weapons:


  • Its solid at any range.
  • Boosted ammo means you dont really have to hit many shots.


  • Best pistol

Anti titan gear:

  • Cloak, good for rodeos and escapes.
  • Thunderbolt, for when you see a clump of titans you can do a **** ton of damage to.
  • Titan hunter so you can get a titan in like two thunderbolts.
  • Use battery boost.

Satchels are for easily clearing grunts.

How to play it

So the main idea is to minimize time not in your titan. Titan hunter alongside Thunderbolt, cloak and battery will give you your titan crazy fast. (the bats are to give your teammates to speed up titan cooldown). Go for titans and grunts and only fight other pilots if necessary.

I have lost titan 1v1s, ejected onto the other titan and been able to call in a new titan before the other pilot even landed after ejecting. I like playing ronin as you get to go fast and he melts pilots, but if you prefer someone else that’s fine (If you play ronin make heavy use of his block for survival).

Using this strategy I have been able to top score games when other people on my team had upwards of 30 kills. Titan kills are worth a lot of points. and you can step on grunts.

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