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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Histera?

Ever wanted to find out what would happen if you pit fighters from different eras against each other? Histera is a free-to-play FPS game featuring a ‘Glitch’ that changes parts of the map to different eras from across time. One moment you’re running in the remnants of a dystopian Metropolis, and the next you’re in the luscious jungles of prehistoric times. It’s up to you to adapt to your surroundings on the fly!

How many players can I play with?

Currently, a standard match features 8v8 combat. You can form a party with up to 7 other players. These numbers are still subject to change in regard to balancing, however. They may also change depending on the game mode.

How much will Histera cost?

Histera is a free-to-play game, with optional cosmetic purchases to be added at a later date.

How finished is Histera?

This demo is still the phase before Early Access, so we’re still quite early in development. Everything is subject to change, based on player feedback and our own findings.

As for content, you can expect new weapons, eras, character & weapon skins, game modes and much more to be added in future updates.

When does Histera launch?

We cannot pinpoint an exact date yet, but we are currently planning to release Histera in Early Access sometime in 2024.


How does the Glitch work?

While you’re fighting the enemy, the Glitch will continuously change up portions of the map around you. Where the Glitch will occur is announced ahead of time, so you can already make moves to get closer to the glitch and engage your foe over a powerful buff.

When the Glitch is happening, you’ll temporarily be able to see and shoot through walls. You’ll be exposed for a while, but so is your enemy. Once the Glitch is done, a powerup appears in the middle of the newly-formed terrain. This powerup will give you a big advantage in combat for a short period of time, so it’s time to go wild ! Not too wild though, you’re by no means invincible; good counterplay can still make you bite the dust very swiftly.

What eras will I encounter in the demo?

The demo features two distinct eras: the prehistory and the dystopian future. This includes the map, as well as your choice of weaponry. A third era will be added for Early Access launch in 2024, with more eras planned for later down the line.

What game modes can I play in the demo?

Currently, only Team Deathmatch is implemented. More game modes are planned for later versions of the game , including Territory Control.

How do loadouts work?

Loadouts are currently unavailable for the demo. The preset loadouts offer a unique variation of weapons from the two different eras that should give you a good impressions of every era’s unique characteristics.

In the Early Access of Histera, loadouts will be fully customizable with a 10-point system. Every weapon and equipment item has a set point value, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content until you hit the point limit of 10.

How difficult is Histera?

Players familiar with FPS games will feel right at home in Histera, but the game is very welcoming to new players as well. The game does feature some very unique blend of weapons, that will be a new experience to players both new and veteran alike.

How do I gain more health, ammo and armor?

You can find pickups all around the map that will make your life a lot easier! The green pickup will restore your health, the blue pickup will restore your ammo, while the yellow pickup will provide you with armor that reduces damage taken until worn out. Then you’ll also have a big powerup that can show up in the Glitch, but you’ll need to experience that one for yourself!

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