Counter-Strike 2 – The Best Ways to Gain XP

The subsequent compilation will provide you with information on the XP you can acquire from each game mode. Explore to identify which game modes align best with your preferences to enhance your profile ranking.

How to Gain XP

Casual Matches

Another expedient method for acquiring XP and leveling up quickly is by participating in Casual matches. While Casual mode shares similarities with Competitive, where players engage in rounds involving bomb planting, XP in Casual matches is contingent on your personal performance.

Casual games provide an excellent opportunity to unwind and enjoy a relaxed session of Counter Strike Global Offensive, all while earning valuable XP points. The XP earned from Casual matches can be calculated as follows:

  • Game mode: Casual
  • XP calculation: 4 * Your Score

If you aim to dedicate more time to this game mode to amass XP, consider teaming up with a friend or two to support each other. Deceased players can spectate both teams, allowing you and your friends to share enemy information once one of you has met their demise.

Deathmatch Matches

If you’re seeking to earn XP based on your individual performance, then Deathmatch unquestionably emerges as the best option. In Deathmatch mode, your primary objective is simply to move around and eliminate other players. It’s an uncomplicated objective, requiring minimal strategic thinking.

Deathmatch serves as an effective warm-up before Competitive matches and concurrently grants you XP. The total XP earned from participating in Deathmatch matches can be calculated as follows:

  • Game mode: Deathmatch
  • XP calculation: 0.2 * Your Score

These matches have a fixed duration of ten minutes, allowing you to accumulate a substantial amount of XP within each session. Naturally, the better you perform, the more experience you’ll gain, motivating you to give your best if you aspire to level up swiftly.

Competitive Matches

One effective approach to rapidly advance in CS2 is to participate in Competitive matches and accumulate XP by staying in the game until the end. All players gain access to Competitive matchmaking after reaching Level 2 on their accounts, and Competitive mode in Counter Strike Global Offensive stands out as the most reliable method for enjoying CS2.

Not only is Competitive mode the most widely embraced game mode, but it also offers a substantial amount of XP. The total XP earned from engaging in Competitive games follows this formula:

  • Game mode: Competitive
  • XP calculation: 30 * Rounds Won

Your XP rewards depend on the number of rounds your team wins, ensuring that even if your individual performance falls short or if you lose the game, you’ll still receive a decent amount of experience points from completing Competitive matches.

Wingman Matches

An alternative and favored method for accumulating XP points is by completing Wingman matches. Wingman shares similarities with other game modes as it involves bomb planting and defusing, albeit in a two-versus-two format.

This mode becomes the ideal choice when you’re playing with a friend. The XP earned from participating in Wingman matches follows this formula:

  • Game mode: Wingman
  • XP calculation: 15 * Rounds Won

With only four players on the map in Wingman, you’ll engage in condensed versions of Competitive maps. This results in quicker match conclusions, saving you valuable time. Consequently, Wingman becomes an efficient means of accumulating XP.

Operation Events

“Operations” in Counter Strike Global Offensive refer to infrequent events that occur at extended intervals. These events introduce a plethora of exciting features, game modes, weekly bonuses, and various side missions. Participating in an Operation presents a substantial opportunity to amass a significant amount of experience points.

Essentially, Counter Strike Global Offensive Operations enrich the game with an abundance of fresh content, making them eagerly anticipated events for players of Counter Strike Global Offensive.(We don’t know if it will work the same way in cs2).

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