Titanfall 2 – How to Fix Game Crashes on Launch

This guide will show you how to play Titanfall 2 again when the server are fixed after a long time.

Guide to Fix Game Crashes on Launch


So if you launch the game from steam and then it immediately crashes, theres a simple fix that I found.

It helped me run this beautiful game, so I hope it helps you too.

The Fix

  • So first you’ll want to go to this page.
  • Then you will click this download button.
  • Then you’ll want to choose the vcredist_x64.exe and hit download.
  • After that run the file and install it.
  • And remember that after installation you need to restart your pc or it will not work.
  • Now if you did all the steps right you can play titanfall again!
  • See you on the battlefield pilot!

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