Realm Grinder – Winners Strategy Guide

This guide will show you how to become very successful very easily in the game Realm Grinder.

Strategy to Win the Game

How to Win

The undead faction is by far one of the best, if not the best.

Boosting offline production by tens of thousands of percentage points and giving thousands of free assistants, depending on the amount of time you have spent offline, due to the fact that the upgrades get more powerful the longer you have been offline.

I have tested the other factions, and while the other bonuses sound nice, such as boosting production of specific buildings.

I will admit, at first the undead faction starts out slow, but once you reach a certain amount of reincarnations and abdications all you have to is close the game for about 60 seconds (because at this point your production will have a massive boost when you are offline).

And then re-open the game, and immediately be able to reset with a nice bonus.

Just repeat this process over and over again, and eventually you will get many many coins, without even having to use any of the microtransactions that provide additional bonuses.

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