The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Red Eagle Quest and How It Ment to Be Played

The Red Egale Quest Line

So alot of Skyrim Players know this Quest and find it annoying, but thats only because of the hard to get to dungeon location and the sword.

But heres a Guide to enjoy this Quest and it actually involves alot of dungeons to clear. Its also a great way to level Werewolf Skills cause you kill around 30 Foresworns

Step One:

Find the Book “The Legend of the Red Eagle” and start the Quest, but dont follow the Quest, wait until you can combine it with “Alduins Wall”

Step Two:

Go to “Karthspire Camp” and ” clear it

Step Three:

At “Karthspire Camp” go from the wooden platform down the ramp into the shallow river and around the corner. There u will find a hidden pathway up the hill, on the left you will clear the location “Four Skull Lookout”. Go back to the path and further up the hill you will find the “The Eagle´s Redoupt”

Step Four:

After clearing “The Eagle´s Redoupt” you will find yourself further up the mountain and follow up the pathway to the to top. On top of the hill is another huge Foresworn Camp.

Step Five:

Clear the location “Sundered Tower” and collect the “Red Eagle´s Sword”

Step Six:

Go the close by dungeon “Rebels Grave” and kill the Red Eagle

Also to Mention:

At “Sundered Tower” you can also find Hjalti´s Sword or Logrolf the Willful

This whole Questline and those Location are useful for a warrior/restoration/werewolf build.

  • Hjalti Quest rewards you with +1 Block Skill and +1 One-handed Skill
    • From Old Hroldan Inn you can easily follow a path to Soljunds Mine and do a small Quest there using your new Weapen Red Eagles Sword against the Draugr
  • Rescueing Logrolf the Willful is necessary to get Molag Bals Mace
  • Red Eagle´s Sword is a useful early to midgame Weapon against undead

Hope this small Guide will help!

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