The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Managing the Aetherial Crown’s Standing Stone Power

This guide will show you how to manage and change the Aetherial Crown’s Standing Stone power, which can be a bit confusing.


Aetherial Crown is probably the best, and also my favorite, Aetherium Forge item to create. It is light, useful, and looks pretty. It allows you to have 2 Standing Stone powers, but swapping and/or changing them can be tricky.

To earn this item, first you have to finish the Lost to the Ages side quest, which is added by the Dawnguard add-on and choose to forge this item in the end. This side quest doesn’t have anything to do with the Dawnguard main quest, so you can do it anytime without fearing spoilers.


In this guide, I will be using the Lover Stone as my main Stone and the Steed Stone as my Crown Stone.

First of all, unequip the Crown. Then, accept the blessing from your “target” Stone, aka the stone you want connected to the Aetherial Crown. This will replace your current Stone blessing.

After that, equip the Crown and go to your main Stone. Accept the blessing. As you can see, the Steed Stone is the one connected to the Crown.

I remove the Crown, and the Steed Stone is removed, and I kept my Lover Stone’s blessing. Not the other way around where the Lover Stone became my Crown Stone and the Steed became my main.

That’s all I guess. It seems simple, but it can be a bit complicated, especially if you already filled both blessing slots and plan to change it. Hope this guide can help you!

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