F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch – Combat Moves Tips (with All Combos)

This guide contains all occuring combos and some useful tips.

List of All Combat Moves

  • XY
  • XYY
  • XXY
  • XXYY
  • XXXY
  • Up+X
  • Up+Y
  • (Air) Down+X
  • (Air) Down+Y
  • Hold X
  • Hold Y

Note: Combos are weapon switching, and mixing up all the above. All you really need to remember is just XYY, XXYY and XXXYY.

Useful Tips

  • Light attacks can be used 3x with the 3rd hit as a guaranteed knock away or knock down.
  • Weapon switching combos literally is ‘you can switch anytime’, so literally go X, switch, X again say.
  • Example simple weapon switch combo can be XX, switch, XX. As simple as that.
  • Do not wait for the animation from the preceding attack to finish, just hit the switch button and press X again, it will cancel the remaining animation.
  • The rest is up to you, feel free to create whatever… Key point to remember is you can cancel attacks.

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