The Long Dark – 100% Collectible and Achievement Guide (Episode 4)

This is a simple crutch for all you gamers out there who need some help with finding all the collectibles in Episode 4 for achievement purposes.

How to Get Collectibles and Achievements (Episode 4)

Story Achievements

This section deals with all achievements which are unmissable due to being part of the storyline of episode 4.

Welcome to the Sh#tshow

  • Unmissable – gained after finding the high-grade morphine and returning to the prison.

Just Like New

  • Unmissable – gained after destroying the machine in the steam tunnels.

Something Stinks

  • Unmissable – gained after picking up the detonators in the mine.

Enemy For Life

  • Unmissable – gained after Jace locks down the entire prison, saving you from Mathis’ wrath.

Leap of Faith

  • Unmissable – gained after escaping from Mathis with Jace.

Bloody Notes

This section details the location of all four (4) missable bloody notes scattered across the Blackrock region.

Black Black Heart

  • Locate all four bloody notes in Blackrock region.

Note #1

The first note can be found right after you are sent out to the infirmary. On your way there, you’ll come across the car depot with a bus in it. In the back of the bus (last seat in the back) is the first bloody note.

Note #2

The second note is laying on the crafting table inside the trailer of Foreman’s Clearcut.

Note #3

The next note is inside the old Substation, laying on the table next to an open book.

Note #4

The final note is in Locker #3 in the prison guardhouse. You need Locker Key #3 to open the locker, see below for details on where to find it.

Locker Keys

This section deals with the three (3) Locker Keys necessary to open the numbered lockers in the guardhouse in Blackrock Penitentiary.

There is no achievement related to the number of Lockers opened. You will need to get at least Locker Key #3 because it contains a bloody note.

Locker Key #2

The first key is on the corpse of a prison guard. His body is in the wolf-infested area at the start of the episode. On your way to the infirmary, you need to cross wolf territory. Keep to the right and you go down a slope. Stick to the wall and you should find the corpse with the key.

Locker Key #3

The second key is inside the glovebox of the car in the shed near the jailer’s residence.

Locker Key #8

The last key is inside a metal container near the long set of ramps leading to the prison exit of the steam tunnels. You reach them after you wrecked the machine in the tunnels with a hammer (You can’t get this key before chapter 2).

Blackrock Rumors

Rumors are essentially sidequests initiated by finding the related memo first. After that, the game will give you clear pointers on the map where to go. There are three (3) in total and they are randomly scattered across the map. The rumors are ordered by gameplay obtainability.

Hard Times

  • Investigate all rumors about Blackrock region.

Rumor #1 – “Late Employee”

After entering the one-way window into the infirmary for the first (and only) time, you’ll find yourself on the 2nd floor of the building. In the next room, between desk and notice board, is the first memo, on the floor.

Rumor #2 – “Highly Aggressive Wolf”

Once you need to exit the prison compound through the prison gate building to get the medical supplies, you can grab this memo from the orange locker behind the door coming from the prison.

Rumor #3 – “Suspicious Person”

This memo can only be grabbed after completing chapter 1. Once you travel towards the Old Substation, near the main road is an abandoned patrol car. Inside the said car, on the passenger-side dashboard, rests the final memo.

Forest Talker Cache

What are the Forest Talkers up to this time around? Open their cache and find out (and grab some loot of theirs while you’re at it).

No Half-Measures

  • Open the secret Forest Talker cache.

You can find the locked Forest Talker cache in the Mines. In order to access the tumblelock to the door, you need to find all three (3) Forest Talker notes first. Fortunately, they’re all in the mine.

Note #1

The first note is right next to the elevator crank which you need to go down the elevator. In front of the Floor 1 elevators, turn right, and on your left is the note, sitting next to said crank.

Note #2

The second note is on a corpse, in an area with a lot of toxic gas. The corpse can only be reached by running through a very long and narrow shaft to reach the next valve handle you need to progress.

Note #3

The final note is in the same room as the detonators. Instead of going up the planks, take the stairs to the right going down. Watch your step! At the end of the wooden scaffolding is a corpse with the final note.

After collecting all three notes, you can try to guess the combination or find it out with a bit of brainpower. Here are some tips for the combination:

  1. The final number has been spoiled by one of the notes if you’ve been reading them carefully.
  2. The second number isn’t written down anywhere. X marks the spot and count what you see.
  3. The first number is in shambles. Notice how the Forest Talkers crossed off different letters from signs on your way back up? Write them down, maybe they are important…?

The combination is 12 – 7 – 18.

After opening the cache and entering the little room, you should get this achievement – don’t even need to read any notes.

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  1. I am stuck in the blackrock mine! Xbox series S. I can’t pick up the Detonators for some odd reason and It wont let me use the bolt cutters to cut out of that little area. Stuck there.

  2. Rumor #3 – “Suspicious Person” quest is hanging – look for clues in an old hut. There is nothing in the hut. Bug?

    • The next step is to find a secret cache near the old stone cabin near a lake. It’s not actually IN the hut, but to the east of it, behind some rocks. Search thoroughly and you shall find it.

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