Down in Bermuda – Achievement Hunting (100%)

A little help for those that want to 100% Down in Bermuda!

Achievements Guide

Main Plot

These are the achievements that are unmissable as you complete the main game:

  • Explorer: Pull up your explorer socks and complete the tutorial
  • Orb Collector: Find all the orbs on Turtle Island
  • Secret Agent: Find all the orbs on Secret Base Island
  • Forager: Find all the orbs on the Forest Island
  • Landlubber: Find all the orbs on the Shipwreck Island
  • Fire God: Defeat the almighty Fire God and gain some new worshippers, Oonga Oonga!
  • Magma!: Find all the orbs on the Lava Island
  • Escape Bermuda: Help Milton to escape Bermuda

Key Related

These achievements are directly linked to the section of the island that was locked off from the player the first time the island was visited:

  • Liquid Levers: Solve the tricky orange liquid levers puzzle on the Secret Base Island. Fortunately, this puzzle is untimed and doesn’t need to be done in a certain amount of moves. If you are really stumped, here’s a hint from how I solved it: get the smallest silo to have only one layer and the rest of the juice in the tallest silo. Transfer the single layer to the empty medium-height silo. Fill the now empty smallest silo from the tallest silo, lowering the level in the tallest silo to the target level. When you transfer the liquid from the smallest silo to the medium silo, the target level of the medium silo should be reached and the puzzle should be solved.
  • Sheep Herder: Sort the sheep into their correct pens within 200 seconds of the gate opening. This is easier than it seems when you realize that the sheep move like pieces in a Chinese Checkers game, including jumping over other sheep.
  • Skull Mountain: Unlock the mine cart on Shipwreck Island.

All Stats

When you click on an island from the main menu, it will show a checklist for relics, keys, locks, maps, and photos on that island. Once you have all those items at each of the islands, these achievements will be earned:

  • Cowabunga! -> Turtle Island
  • Super Sleuth -> Secret Base Island
  • Hunter Gatherer -> Forest Island
  • Here Be Treasure -> Shipwreck Island
  • Master of Flames -> Lava Island
  • Crystal Clear -> Labyrinth Island

Now that you’ll have all of the relics, you will also be able to unlock:

  • Relic Monument: Collect all the relics and then pay a visit to the Relic Monument.

Perfection Based

These achievements are ones that have you solve puzzles perfectly or finish the game without the hints from the level maps:

  • The Kraken Challenge: Vanquish the Kraken in 7 shots of the cannon. One thing to note is that the shot counter only goes up when you actually hit the Kraken, so if you miss the Kraken entirely, the counter won’t tick up.
  • Tile Champion: Complete the tile sliding puzzle on the Labyrinth Island within 14 moves. If you are confused about how to get this achievement.

Step by Step Solution

  • Step 1: Tile #1 – up 1, left 4, down 4
  • Step 2: Tile #6 – up 2, left 4, down 4, left 3
  • Step 3: Tile #2 – up 3, right 1
  • Step 4: Tile #3 – down 1, right 2, up 3, right 4, down 3
  • Step 5: Tile #2 – left 1, down 2
  • Step 6: Tile #1 – up 4, right 4, down 1
  • Step 7: Tile #4 – down 1, left 5, down 3, left 2, up 1
  • Step 8: Tile #5 – up 4
  • Step 9: Tile #6 – right 3, up 1
  • Step 10: Tile #7 -up 1, right 3, down 2
  • Step 11: Tile #8 – up 2, right 3, down 2
  • Step 12: Tile #6 – down 1, left 3, down 2
  • Step 13: Tile #5 – down 2, left 3, down 1
  • Step 14: Tile #8 – up 5, right 5, up 1

Be sure to follow each instruction in the order they’re read and remember: Don’t Let Go During a Step.

  • Escape Master: Help Milton to escape Bermuda without opening a single star map

Easily Missed Misc

These achievements are the rest that are leftover and are very easily missed:

  • Puffer Fish Party: Inflate any puffer fish 10 times (Secret Base Island).
  • Barrel Blast: Shoot 12 barrels on Secret Base Island. The barrel cannon only appears when dealing with the sea monster, so to get this achievement, you’ll have to purposefully miss the mines.
  • Quack Attack: Open the door to Quack’s hut three times (Forest Island).
  • Cannon Blast: Shoot 50 cannon balls on the Shipwreck Island.

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