Subnautica – Guide to Fling Across Half the Map

How to fling yourself across half the map (or more) using the prawn suit.

How to Get a Speeding Ticket in the P.R.A.W.N Suit

Note: Credit goes to ebdb


During your first playthrough of Subnautica, you’ll likely find yourself needing to go back and forth between locations for materials quite a bit. With some upgrades and a little technique, we’re going to turn the clunkiest vehicle in the game into a borderline projectile that can get you around faster than the map can load your surroundings.


Things you’ll need:

  • P.R.A.W.N Suit (Probably)
  • Grappling Arm Upgrade
  • Jump Jet Upgrade
  • Smooth Ground

In Practice


Now to show you the mechanics. The best place to try this out is around the Grassy Plateaus as the hills can act as ramps. Try to find a space that has an upwards angle so you can get your grapple as far away from you as possible, such as here:

The steps, finally

Fire your grapple to the furthest point it’ll latch to. This gives the most time possible to build speed.

Once your grapple is fired, turn 45 degrees to the left or right depending on your preference. This is so we can press two movement keys and still move in the direction of our grapple.

Once you hear the grapple hit it’s target, begin pressing W and A or D, depending on which direction you turned (E.g, I’ve turned right so I press A and W.).

Once you reach your grapple or desired speed, release the grapple and immediately begin boosting upwards. This will preserve your movement speed and propel you into the air.

Continue to “flutter” with the boost and maintain your height. You will begin to slow during flight, but speed can be regained by grappling mid flight to walls or objects. Turning is also possible using the grapple, but at the cost of your precious speed.


This is a collection of techniques I’ve picked up within ~100 hours of gameplay, so there’s probably room for improvement.

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