Subnautica – Barebones Scanner Outpost Requirements

Something I personally wish I could have found online for easy material preparation for my barebones scanner base.

Required Material Requirements

Scanner Room: 5x Titanium, 2x Copper, 1x Gold, 1x Table Coral Sample

Hatch: 2x Titanium, 1x Quartz

2x Solar Panels: 4x Titanium, 4x Quartz, 2x Copper

Required Materials Total:

  • 11x Titanium, 5x Quartz, 3x Copper, 1x Gold, 1x Table Coral Sample

Optional Material Requirements (Depth Dependent & Quality of Life)

Foundation: 2x Titanium, 2x Lead (useful if you want to put your solar panels far from the scanner room, particularly when it’s in a cave)

Power Transmitter: 1x Titanium, 1x Gold (necessary for separated scanner rooms and solar panels, cheap and effective compared to running a bioreactor or thermal reactor)

Scanner Speed Upgrade: 1x Silver, 1x Gold

Scanner Range Upgrade: 1x Copper, 1x Magnetite

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