Subnautica – Resources Guide

Subnautica - Resources Guide
Subnautica - Resources Guide

Where to find various resources easily and their uses!

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Note: Credit goes to cmgentry2

Titanium may be found in limestone outcrops, scrap metal, and larger deposits accross almost every biome. Large deposits may require a PRAWN drill arm. It is very easy to find, even in early game. It is used in just about everything, too.


Copper is an essential component of all wired equipment. It is found in limestone outcrops and in larger deposits which require a drill to harvest. Any electrical devices and or machines you make will most likely need copper.


Used for primarily for glass, Quarts is a very important resource for upgrading equipment / vehicles, or building habitats. It is found in most biomes by itself or in larger deposits that require a drill. It shouldn’t be hard to find it, but biomes like Grassy Plateau, Grand Reef, and Blood Kelp contain insane ammounts of it.


Silver based wiring kits are a critical component in many habitat modules. It can also be used in vehicles and equipment. It is found in sandstone outcrops or larger drilling deposits, usualy in caves or deeper areas.


Gold is primarily used in computer chips and advanced fabrication. It is found in sandstone or shale outcrops or larger drilling deposits, inside caves or at greater depths.


Lead is used for vehicles, habitats, and equipment. One of the more important uses is fabrication of radiations suits to protect the player from the radioactive fallout of the crash zone. It is found in sandstone outcrops and larger drilling deposits, within caves or in deeper water.


Lithium is used in equipment, vehicles, upgrades, and habitats. It is very useful. Lithium is found in shale outcrops, in larger drilling deposits, and even by itself in deeper areas. Especialy in the Mushroom Forrest. Watch out though…


Diamond has a wide variety of industrial uses including equipment and vehicle upgrades, as well as mod stations and alien tablets. They are very rare and valuab — “Remember that the materials you gather are the property of the Alterra corp. Your current bill stands at one million credits.” — They can be found in shale outcrops or large deposits which require a drill, usualy at deep areas.


Ruby (Aluminum Oxide) is used in power cell chargers and various upgrades. It is also used to make aerogel. Ruby is found in deeper areas like the caves in the Sparse Reef or the Blood Kelp. I haven’t required a drill to obtain Rubies.


Nickel is used for many Cyclops and PRAWN upgrades such as pressure compensators and fire surpression systems. Nickel is found in the Lost River, and although you can occasionaly find it by itself, I recomend having a PRAWN suit with a drill arm.

Crystaline Sulfur

This resource is mainly used for vehicle upgrades such as Fire Surpression and Jump Jets. It is found in the Lost River, often underneath the brine lakes. Useing PRAWN suit is advised.


This is a resource located in the Inactive Lava Zone or deeper. I would definitely bring a PRAWN with a drill to help me mine it. Once you obtain it, this blue crystal can be used to make upgrades for PRAWNs or your Cyclops.

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