Subnautica – How to Defeat Reaper Leviathans

Guide to Kill Reaper Leviathans


The easiest method to kill a reaper in subnautica is by inmovilizing it with the stasis rifle and stabbing the living sht out of it.

You will need:

  • A stasis rifle.
  • A knife (thermoblade by prefference).
  • Drinkable water in your inventory.
  • A seamoth (optional but almost essencial).
  • A spare battery (optional).

Tutorial of How to Kill It

So the first thing you need to do to kill the leviathan once you see it, is approach with the seamoth (at a prudent distance and make sure is not going after you, but don’t get it too far away or you’ll have tourble with the oxygen).

Then get out of your seamoth and lure his attention, once you did, wait for it to charge at you (mantain your distance or else it will hit you easily if you get too close) and once he’s going for you.

Shoot it with the stasis rifle, make sure that you aim to the face or neck cuz his hitbox is a little tricky, don’t aim for the fangs cuz it will not hit him (at this first shot you don’t need to charge the shot at all, you just need to hit it befor he hits you).

Then when you had confirmed he’s inmobilized, shoot him a fully charged shot and get close to him and start hitting him with the thermoblade, don’t go in front of his mouth or he’ll bite you even if he’s inmovilized (when you hit it, make sure that those yellow stains come out with every stab, or else you’re not hitting him at all. don’t be afraid to get close to him as he can’t harm you unless you get literally in front of his mouth).

Now pay attention to this, a fully charged shot of the stasis rifle lasts long enough to hit exactly 25 hits and charge another shot before he can move again, and the reaper can take a total of 125 hits (at least from the thermoblade) before diying, wich means that you’ll have to fire him a total of 5 fully charged shots from the stasis rifle.

Every fully charged shot takes 5% of the battery of the rifle, but make sure that you have at least 50% power on your rifle because there are very low chanses that everyting will go perfect without extra shots or pauses.

Also, if you don’t have a seamoth, dont fight him if you’re more than 50m depth, it wont give you enough time to hit all that you can and swimming to the surface, it may even take a lot of your stasis rifle’s battery.

Useful Tips

Next i’ll tell you some other tips that may help you while fighting a reaper leviathan:

  • If your thirst is below 70 and you don’t have any water in your inventory, dont fight it, you will die of thirst before killing it.
  • If something happens and you gotta run away, you have to shoot a fully charged stasis rifle shot and ascape as far as possible (this works with every type of leviathan).
  • Make sure that your seamoth is not on the stasis rifle’s shot inmovilizing range, cuz the reaper could reach it and destroy it.
  • If a reaper grabs your seamoth and you don’t have any way to release it, run, cuz if you’re above 50m depth you won’t be able to kill it because of the duration of the stasis rifle’s shots and how much it can take you to get to the surface, wait till the oxygen fills up and then go back down.

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