State of Decay 2 – Lethal Zone Tips for New Players

I’m new and only have a few hours i think but these helped me a lot.

Useful Tips to Play Lethal Mode

  1. Use cars they’re gonna save you. If theres a group of zombies overwhelming you just run them over but make sure to use the back of the car so you don’t take damage. (Hate bloaters).
  2. Make sure to get a mechanic and lvl 2 workshop so you can make a tool kit to repair your cars. (I hate lethal ferals).
  3. Enclaves will save you if you have zombies chasing you and they will usually have guns and they don’t take as much damage as us so they will just sit there and spam bullets.
  4. You can use your car for killing jugs just get enough speed backing up to make them limp over and youll have to do it a few times but it works.
  5. Idk what to tell you abt ferals but I usually just have a gun but if you don’t then you’re out of luck unless you have powerhouse.
  6. When killing a heart make sure to use a distraction like a boombox because you can draw all of the zombies away for miles and then just go to work but you may have to run away n come back later (Theres no shame in it).
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