State of Decay 2 – Beginner’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse. Someone of you are excited to finally get your wish fulfilled and be in it. Someone of you are probably about to pee your pants from the horror of being in it. But fret not! For this shall give you some pointers, if not, pro tips about what you will be going through to help you better understand how to survive efficiently and, hopefully, not die. Because believe me, if you read further down, you will see why we all do our best not to die.

Zombie Apocalypse Guide for Newbies


Now we all understand that some of us our there rather skip it than do it. In this game, it is best recommended to do the tutorial. The first moment you walk into a Zombie Apocalypse, you won’t know what to do, how to make friends (I don’t mean with players). And believe me, with what else is to be said further in the guide, you will understand why the Tutorial is needed (even if it’s covered here in the guide).

In the Tutorial, the game will give you an understanding of how the game works. Such as Blood Plague, different types of zombies (even if it was just one type, there are more), and a couple others. I will leave a couple out to prevent spoilers incase you enjoy not being spoiled. This game does have a story

Basic Gameplay

Understand that in order to survive, you are a part of a group of people who help to someday rebuild humanity again called a “Community”. Your job is to help survive by grabbing materials, fending off zombies as you go, and making allies with other groups called “Enclaves” while also, the biggest part, destroying Plague Hearts.

About Death

Please remember the following about death and as to why we prefer to avoid death at all costs compared to other games:

  1. When your HP drops to 0, you go into a similar state to bleeding out. But in this case, your Max HP will continuously drop with each second. Unless you get back up on your feet yourself or your Follower helps you.
  2. If your HP drops to 0 a second time, you are dead. Permanently. The one character you were controlling is now dead. Avoid this at all costs!!! As dying can drop your Community’s Morale a lot based on difficulty. Even though the penalty lasts for a set time, it still hurts your community.
  3. Once you die, you will be given the option (I think, it’s been so long since I died) to switch to a character of your choosing in your community.
  4. The map shows where the survivor had died and the game gives you the ability to pick up the loot the survivor had before death.
  5. To avoid deaths, avoid fighting Juggernauts. They are the beefiest Zombies you will come across. Don’t ever fight them alone if you are itching for a fight! Always bring a Follower with you or have another player join your session to help you! Fighting a Juggernaut yourself is suicide (In Dread difficulty or higher) unless you know what you are doing!
  6. Always be aware that all survivors have Health Bars too! Even if you are not controlling them, they still take damage in combat. Avoid being a fight for a long period of time as you further run the risk of that survivor dying. Since you are unable to heal them without controlling them.

About Enclaves

Enclaves are like your community but usually 5 people (which is not often) or less. It is best to make them allies as much as you can. Avoid making them hostile. Or you may have to fight them! Making them Friendly or even Allies, will lower your prices to buy things from them, not to mention lower the prices to recruit them to your community! If they become allies, it costs 0 currency to recruit them. Missions will randomly appear involving certain Enclaves. Doing these will improve your relationship with them. Ignore them too much or refuse, and they will start to turn neutral again. Further ignoring will result in hostility. Avoid this if you can. You have enough enemies. And they love to swarm you wherever you go.

Warning: Humans are much more smarter when it comes to combat. So avoid making them hostile. If you can’t avoid it, make sure you are armed for a fight.

About Blood Plague Zombies

Be careful around these zombies. As they can kill you through multiple ways!

  1. Blood Plague Zombies are red and have glowing red eyes.
  2. They fight like normal zombies. So not much difference besides appearance.
  3. If a Blood Plague Zombie hits you, your Blood Plague Meter will go up in a white bar. Above your Minimap. This does not mean you have contracted Blood Plague!
  4. If your Blood Plague bar fills, it will turn blinking red and you will have a countdown to your death. Should this happen, immediately leave battle AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Once back at base, put your survivor in the Infirmary to halt the progress of Blood Plague. Note: This will use your Meds supply as a Daily Upkeep until the survivor is cured. Blood Plague Samples are needed to make the cure and the amount needed is based on your difficulty.
  5. An unnecessary but helpful note, Juggernauts are never part of Blood Plague! Their size and strength is enough already.
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