Primal Carnage: Extinction – Human Classes Guide

Hey, in this guide i will tell you some tips about human classes.

Tips About Human Classes for Starters


Pathfinder is best class to kill tyrants. You can choose from 3 primary weapons: Shotgun, Dauble Barrel shotgun and SPAZ. His secondary weapons are: Desert Eagle, MK pistol and Machete. His support items are: Flares and Hatchets. Pathfinders hatchets are strong enough to 1 hit spitter, and 1 hit predator if thrown in head. Flares can blind all dinosaurs. Double Barrels are very strong but reloading is so slow, so you better don’t miss while shooting.


Scientist is a sniper class, it’s very good for large distance. You can choose from 2 primary weapons: Sniper Rifle and Tranq rifle. You can choose from 2 secondary weapons: Tranq Dartgun and MK pistol. Her support items are: Sensor mine and landmine. Sniper rifle can 1 shoot predator when shooted in head, the same with spitter. With sensor mine you can see all the dinosaurs that are near. Landmine is just a simple mine that blows up when stepped on. Tranq rifle can make dinosaurs fall asleep, which kills them. Tranq dartgun is the same as tranq rifle, but is not that strong.


Commando is a class that is pefect for killing all classes. You can choose from 2 primary weapons: Assault Rifle and Carbine Rifle. You can choose from 2 secondary weapons: Desert Eagle and MK pistol. Commando has 2 types of support items: Health kit and Frag Grenade. Commando can throw health kits that every second can give you max 10 hp, if you stand on them. Assault Rifle can shoot grenades, that blow up when touched something. Predators and spitters can get 1 shooted by grenade, if the grenade blowed up next to them or on them.


Pyromaniac, in short Pyro, is a class that is good for predators, spitters and flyers. His primary weapon is: Flamesaw. His Secondary weapon is: Flaregun. You can choose from 4 support items: Impact Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, Ornament Grenade and Timed Eggsplosive Grenegg. Pyro can throw Impact Grenade that blows up when touches something, the same with Ornament Grenade. Molotov Cocktail blows up when touches something and leaves a circle of fire. Grenegg is like a grenade but made out of painted egg. Pyro is not good in killing tyrants so for start better don’t come close to them.


Trapper is a class, that is perfect for killing predators, spitters and flyers. His primary weapon are: Dual Colts. You can choose from 2 secondary weapons: Netgun and Stun Gun. You can choose from 2 support items: Ammo Kit and Dynamite. Netgun can trap dinosaurs for some seconds, enough seconds to kife them. Dual Colts are simple pistols, that might help you with killing trapped dinosaurs, that were camping on rock or roof. Ammo kit can give you ammo if standed on it. Stun Gun can stop predators, flyers and spitters, it just stuns them for some seconds, enough seconds to knife it.

More Gameplay Tips

Flares are the best in killing carnos, carno can’t see you when you are standing next to flare. All human classes has knife with them, just click middle mouse. To kill dinosaur that was netted better crouch, knife doesn’t 1 shot all the time when standing.

Be carefull your, own dynamite / grenade can kill you, if you will stand next to it. If a tyrant is coming straght at you better shoot his mouth with net as trapper, he can’t swallow you then, and he is slower and also he can’t heal so when it’s neted it’s good time to end him. Stun Gun can blind tyrant for some seconds, its good to hide after stuning it, they really don’t like it.

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  1. A nice glitch for me is that I have Hatchets on pyro (I think) A definite ground mine somehow on trapper; and another mine with snipester. Nice glitch indeed 😕

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