Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year – Unlimited Money (No Hacks)

This guide will teach you how to get unlimited money in Plants v.s Zombies without any hacks.

Unlock Mini-Games

In lvl 3-2, a zombie will drop a present which will unlock the Mini-Games tab.

Play The Slot Machine Mini Game

Open the slot machine mini game.

Simply play the mini game like you would normally do until you get 1975 suns.

Warning: Do Not Take Any Suns After You Have 1975 Suns!

Leave the mini game without taking any other suns, this will create a save don’t worry.

Go back in the mini game and now you can take the last sun.

Do Not Pick The Trophy

A trophy will spawn after you get 2000 suns, do not pick it.

Now quit the mini game (without taking the trophy), this will create a save before you claimed the trophy.

Come back and take the trophy.

You will gain 1000 coins and you will be back on the Mini-Games screen.

Since there’s a save before you took the trophy, you can go back in the mini game and take the trophy again and again…

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