Plants vs. Zombies – Unlimited Money Glitch

Guide to collecting unlimited money bags in PvZ. This glitch is guaranteed to work for everyone!

How To!

To encounter the glitch and get unlimited mula as much as you want, you need to follow these steps:

  • Pick a mini game that is easy and fast to complete (any mini game works for me, I prefer playing Zombiquarium, Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick, Big Trouble Little Zombie, and Whack a Zombie)
  • Complete the mini game, and once the money bag has dropped, do not click on it. Simply go to the menu bar and proceed to the main menu.
  • When you are at the main menu, go back into mini games, select the mini game you completed, and collect your prize. After you have collected the prize and have been redirected back to the mini games section, go to the exact same mini game once again, and the prize should still be there.

This “glitch” works because when you go to the main menu during a game, it automatically saves your game. So, if you save the game right at the end when your money prize is dropped, each time you go back into the mini game it will be there.

Is This Time Consuming?

To answer this question, no.

The only reason this method would be time consuming is because of how long the mini game you chose lasts, and because of how much money you’re trying to collect. My money went from 44,000 to 86,000 in just 12 minutes.

I have logged my data as I collected all the prizes. The last few digits aren’t exactly the same as they were each minute, so I rounded and went back deep into my memory to try and remember them.

  • 2:44pm – started the glitch at 44,000.
  • 2:45pm – 49,250 (went up by 5,000).
  • 2:46pm – 53,970 (went up by about 4,000).
  • 2:47pm – 56,400 (went up by 3,000).
  • 2:48pm – 60,470 (went up by 4,000).
  • 2:49pm – 64,920 (went up by about 5,000).
  • 2:50pm – 69,350
  • 2:51pm – 73,050
  • 2:52pm – 75,750
  • 2:53pm – 78,870
  • 2:54pm – 81,250
  • 2:55pm – 84,920
  • 2:56pm – 86,750

As you can see, using the glitch can benefit you well depending on how much you’re willing to click on the prize and repeat. If you do not want to spend ~10-15 minutes on collecting the prize multiple times, that’s okay, because the numbers do go up by 3-5,000 in just a couple of clicks in one minute.

This glitch can be helpful for getting multiple achievements in the game, such as growing the Tree of Wisdom, buying all plants from Crazy Dave, etc. I used this glitch to upgrade my slots to 10, hence why I spent 12 minutes getting to 80,000.

If you exit to the main menu, you can always still go back to the same mini game and your prize will be there because, like I said, the game automatically saves your data when you go to the main menu. Good luck, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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  1. Sadly, it doesn’t work. They unfortunately patched it. When u click on the money bag, you can’t click on the menu button anymore.

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