Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year – Easy Guide that Will Make You Know Your Stuff

Gameplay & Beginner’s Guide

Are you tired looking for a fun and enjoyable game? No problem! Here’s the Plants vs Zombies! It’s a great garden warfare game between group of plants and army of brain-eating zombies. This game consists of 4 game modes which are Adventure mode, Mini-Games mode, Puzzle mode and Survival mode. This game also has some extra features like Zen Garden, Versus mode and Quick Play. Get ready to soil your plants!

Plants vs Zombies How to Play

Adventure Mode

it consists of five different times and places (Day time, Night time, Pool, Fog, and Roof) which consists of ten levels each. Each has its own game difficulties and requirements. Just remember this tip when playing this game, defend your lawn against the zombies and protect you brain from getting eaten!

Mini Games

This mode consists of 20 different mini games. Yes, you’re not misreading it. In consists of 20 fun and exciting games! Some of these are Zombotany, Slot machine, Wall-nut Bowling, Seeing Stars, Big Trouble Little Zombie, Bobsled Bonaza, Column Like You See ‘Em, Pogo Party and etc., and some games from PopCap’s other games like Beghauled and Beghauled Twist which based on Bejeweled and Bejeweled twist. These games have their own game uniqueness and challenges. The player will earn the Achievement: Beyond the grave after successfully finishing all the mini games.

Puzzle Mode

it has 2 different game patterns. The first one is the vase breaker which the player need to smash pots in order to play this game. This game is exactly the same in the night time level in Adventure mode but the catch in this game is that the player is not sure what thing is inside of the vase. The vase contains plants, sun and zombies. So be careful in smashing the pots. You might not want what’s inside of that pot! The second one is the zombie side game. In this game, the player will be on the side of the zombies. In short, your goal is to invade the lawn and to eat some BRAINS. Rawwrrrrrr!

Survival Mode

This mode is more like the adventure mode but it is more difficult because it has infinite levels. Yes, it has infinite levels meaning the main goal is to defend your lawn in each level and survive as far as you can.

Zen Garden & Quick Play

Zen Garden is a virtual garden where the player has his/her own will to plant or to take care whatever kind of plant he/she obtained from the gift box or bought from Crazy Dave and feed the Tree of Wisdom to hear some milestone tips and game tips. The next extra feature is Quick play, this feature is available on mobile users only. This game is unlocked after completing the Adventure Mode. In this mode, you can choose on level you want to start your adventure.

Plants vs Zombies Garden

Lastly, there’s a credit or special offer in this game and this thing can be found in the settings of the game and played after completing the Adventure Mode. It is a special music video specially made for this game entitled “There’s a zombie on your lawn” composed and performed by Laura Shigihara. This song is good to hear after finishing an epic battle between the player’s plants and brain-eating zombies. This song signifies that the player has successfully finished the game and defend his/her lawn from the greedy zombies.

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