Penny Larceny: Gig Economy Supervillain – Sloppy Work Achievement Quick Guide

This is a quick guide to getting the Sloppy Work achievement, which requires getting 0 stars in any caper. I chose the Monumental Caper for this guide since it’s the caper I got this achievement on.

How to Get Sloppy Work Achievement Easy and Fast

Sloppy Work Achievement

This achievement requires getting “0/zero stars” on any caper; for this guide, we’ll be doing the Monumental Caper, which can be done with any of the three bosses.

Choices for 0 stars as follows:

Casing the Joint

  • Visit Gift Shop.
  • Visit Miniature City, choose “Oh, for crying out loud. Just threaten the guy and let’s get on with this.”
  • Visit Security Desk, choose either choice regarding the Tour Guide, choose either “UltimaTom” or “Loretta Larceny”.
  • Visit Atrium, choose any choice.

The Heist

  • Choose “Right in through the front door! Let’s make this big.”
  • Choose “A vault means a large storage space, so somewhere underground. Check the basement.”
  • Choose any choice regarding Farsight, it will result in the same outcome because Penny will make her own decision here.
  • Choose “Pretend to surrender. You can escape a pair of handcuffs, right?”
  • Choose any choice.
  • Choose either choice.
  • Choose “Throw it before it explodes!”

After the debriefing with your boss, you should get the “Sloppy Work” achievement.

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