Penny Larceny: Gig Economy Supervillain – Clean Getaway Achievement Quick Guide

This is a quick guide to getting the “Clean Getaway” achievement, which requires getting 5 stars in any caper. I chose the “Monumental Caper” for this guide since it’s the caper I got this achievement on.

How to Obtain Clean Getaway Achievement Fast and Easy

Clean Getaway Achievement

To get the “Clean Getaway achievement”, you have to get all 5 stars on any caper. For this guide, we’ll be getting the achievement on the “Monumental Caper”, which can be done with any of the 3 bosses.

Casing the Joint

  • Visit Rest Rooms.
  • Visit Snack Machine.
  • Visit Miniature City, choose “We could probably cut through his ♥♥♥ if you told him what you want it for.”
  • Visit Continuum Exhibit.

The Heist

  • Choose “Rooftops always work. Go in through a skylight, nice ‘n quiet.”
  • Choose “She’s in pain. I say we have some sympathy and help her out.”
  • Choose “If she’s predicting your moves based on time, and I’m weirdly outside of time… let me direct you.”
  • Choose any choice.
  • Choose any choice.
  • Choose any choice.
  • You’ll automatically get the 5th and last star because we learned which switch to turn off earlier.

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