Furry Arena – Guide to Achievements and Tips

This guide’s purpose its just for achievements gathering and sharing tips for fast gathering.

Achievements and Tips


This is quite simple, you just need to keep gathering points by killing your opponents, as far I’ve seen it goes like this:

  • +20 points for Assist
  • +100 points for Kill

As well I saw some +120 and +180, but I believe this might be the sum of between the previous mentioned scores.


What are we going to try is to let the bots stop aiming and set a spawning point for us to farm kills.

Use the following host config:

Why Team Deathmatch?

This is where we want to get a lower amount of bots so we can control a re-spawn point.

For our next step we need to reach the Server Room.

Position near the door and we gotta test if the bots after exiting the room they aim at us.

Shoot at them if there’s no respond we are ready for the final step, which is to stay in front of the door at the center moving in a way that we can stuck the bots, like the image below.

See how there’s no damage receive from the bot and the rest of them won’t aim at us, and this is where we farm kills.

Note: This sometimes might not work or work at a late match, but it can be done.

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