Grasshoping – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it Grasshoping with a single “p”?

Because some players will be “hoping” for a lot before reaching the end.

  • Does this game feature controls remapping and controllers?

You can change your controls anytime in Customize Controls inside Options.

All controllers should work but some might need their buttons and axes assigned first.

The game can be played quite well with one hand, mouse is recommended but you can use keyboard too.

  • Does this game feature saving/load system?

For single player, yes. You can quit the game and continue the hops later. Make sure you don’t stop your adventure in midair or while riding a moving object: you will fall when you reload!

  • I randomly disconnect from all multiplayers games I join

Make sure the player with the best connection is the host for the finest experience. Unstable networks may lead to lag hiccups and player disconnections. If your connection also experiences issues, there’s a time in which your client will try to recover but you will ultimately be kicked if not possible

  • How do I join a multiplayer game with friends?

Host the game first. Once you’re in the lobby window, on your Steam friend list right click your friend and select ‘Invite to Game’. If their game is not opened, inviting will sometimes make them land on main menu. Just invite them again.

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