Baldur’s Gate 3 – Guide to Cheesing Combat

Seeing as some people struggle with combat, here are a few of my tips to make it easier.

Cheesing Combat Guide

First off if you played table top it helps to know that there are quite a few changes, imagine playing with the most lenient ‘rule of cool’ DM ever that doesn’t even nerf stuff when you continuously use it to cheese combat.

Notable Changes

  • Summons have their own initiatives and actions – no need to use a bonus action to control them (rip action economy).
  • Serveral spells go above and beyond what they are supposed to do (creating surfaces, etc).
  • Everybody can use scrolls.
  • Several common items replicate spells and/or create surfaces.
  • You can dip weapons in surfaces for extra damage.
  • You can place items on the ground for no action cost.
  • You can teleport items between inventory for no cost.
  • Potions can be applied by throwing them.

With that in mind, some actual cheese tips:

  • If you know you will be entering a fight perpare the area by strategically placing explosive barrels, create surfaces at choke points.
  • Spread out your party so you can mitigate AoE effects.
  • Spiritual weapon can be attacked by enemies but has resistances/immunity so high it’s a perfect tank – just place it closer to the enemies that your other characters and they will happily focus on in.
  • Mage hand can throw any item on the ground – no need to waste an action/bonus action on potions.
  • Litter the ground around the mage hand with thrown weapons so it can contribute even if it doesn’t need to heal – mele characters can pick them back up and “teleport” them to a ranged character that hangs out near the mage hand, this character can then drop them. all for free!
  • Also remember that eg. bottle of grease can be thrown to creates a slippery flammable surface.
  • High ground gives bonus to ranged attacks, even minor elevation helps – so place ranged characters and mage hands appropriately.
  • Jump over/out of web.
  • Give your party members that don’t need to concentrate on spells scrolls with spells that require concentration and have them use it.
  • Candles can be use to dip weapons.
  • Much terrain can be destroyed to inflict extra damage and/or block paths so enemies cant reach you.
  • You can use barrels for make shift barricades they can be picked up place to allow you line of sight / to pass through.
  • Water bottles / create water can clear many surfaces – or be used to drench enemies for extra damage to your lightning spells.

And finally while it can be more fun to cast ‘big boom spell’ / action it’s often more beneficial to use your cation to apply status effects that help your allies / hinder enemies.

This goes double for concentration spells.

Good party helper concentration spells to keep in mind if you have access to them:

  • Bless: +1d4 to hit (5-20%).
  • Farie fire: your team has advantage against afflicted targets (and they cant go invis/steath).
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