Occupy Mars: The Game – Starting Off Tips

I died a lot in this game. Here is some insight into early game play.

Starting Off

Okay so you just hit the dirt on Mars in a pod. The first couple of times I played I accidentally died because I didn’t know what I was doing. Pay attention to the suits warnings it can save you.

At night it gets cold and it can hurt you so you want to get back into your pod pretty soon after it gives the temperature drop warning.

You need to know a few things about the pod:

  1. There is a printer in there for small objects. You can put ore into there and then print stuff like pipes and plates. You can get ore by using the jackhammer tool on the rock formations outside.
  2. There is also a place for refilling your oxygen bottle. You just click on the screen then say refill your bottle. After that it shows up on the right and you can grab it. You may need to switch which bottle you have equipped to get it functioning correctly.
  3. You gotta grab all the stuff from the overhead compartments in the pod.
  4. Also it seems down on the right in the pod a medium chip keeps appearing. I’d nab it when you see it.
  5. You can sleep for awhile on the chairs in the pod.

You are going to want to immediately make a well so you can get water. On the end of the well is a pipe and you can just press the button on it to suck up some water into your H2O tank. The well is kinda self powering because it has a solar panel on it.

Then you want to make a workshop so you can get food. You need to put power and water into your base so the plants have light and food. You can put a plant incubator and the seed modifier in there and a bed. Then just use your potato seed gun to fill up the slots in the incubator with potatoes.

Then after they grow switch them to the other grow bed. There is another machine that processes the food into sealed packages. I’ve been doing half potatoes to seed and half to rations and I am not running out of either.

Once you are stable and safe its pretty easy.

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