Spore: Galactic Adventures – How to Prevent Being Swarmed in Tribal Hard Mode (Beginners Guide)

A guide to prevent you from being murdered by a swarm of 5 or more tribes when you’re just trying to get off the ground in Spores Tribal Stage in the Hard difficulty.

Guide to Prevent Being Swarmed in Tribal Hard Mode


Have you ever been trying to pass the Tribal stage in Hard mode, yet get bullied by every tribe in existence? Have you subdued a tribe just for another one to attack you for no discernible reason? Well, this is the guide to you. Maybe with this, you can subdue the tribes so you can get your resources up faster, to perhaps sway them to your side or burn them to rubble.

Tactics to Avoid Being Swarmed

Now. You may be wondering… what do I have to do!? It’s quite simple really.

Sway them to your side. Sway the tribe you want to subdue for a fair bit to the blue side. Even in Hard mode, I have found that they don’t decay in this stage, which prevents that tribe from attacking you. Even if you want to kill off that tribe, it helps you when you’re just trying to get off the ground or get some buildings up.


In conclusion, the Hard mode can be a nightmare depending on what you’re trying to do. For the pacifists, it can be utterly hellish trying to prevent your musicians from dying due to some random idiot getting mad at you for existing near them. With this, perhaps we can all live and perhaps ally them… or murder them all off if you’re so inclined.

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