My Devil’s Voice – Basic Achievements

It is time to get basic achievements!

Achievements Guide

Note: Credit goes to 4i4ik_Off

  • Gocha! – To get this achievement, you need to choose “no, I’m out” during an interview with the devil at the beginning of the game.
  • She wanted it – Open all scenes from Murano.
  • Anti Nerd – Prevent Anabel from studying.
  • Full Power – Will open during the story.
  • Bad Spy – Press the “Arouse” button until our hero gets caught.
  • Public Murano – One day find Murano in the back room having sex.
  • Ouch – Deprive the Graham of a hand (opens at the beginning of the game)
  • True enjoyer – Inspire the heroine with the idea that she dropped the pencil, 30 times
  • Too hard – In one of the dialogues, say that Anabel is a bad worker.
  • Yoga – A blue-haired girl does yoga in the park in the morning. Get her aroused on three different days and then find her at a nightclub.
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