My Devil’s Voice – Easter Eggs

This guide is about easter eggs you can find in the game. Some easter eggs will help you to get achievments.

Easter Eggs

Note: Credit goes to 4i4ik_Off

  • Woman jogging in the Park. Whisper to her that the “Maniacs are only here at night?” Then visit the park at 03:00 (night time).
  • Woman doing Yoga in the Park. Arouse her on three different days, then look for her in the Night Club.
  • Miss Tits during the Lecture. You can convince her to take her jacket off in front of the students.
  • Miss Tits in the Staff Room (Mason). Arouse her four times. She’ll jump Mason right there.
  • Miss Tits in the Staff Room (Edwin). Arouse her while she’s talking to Mason, then Whisper “It’s time I find somebody.” She’ll blow off Mason, but if you watch the Map, you’ll see an event after school.
  • Old Lady in the Park. First you need to speak to the Old Lady when she’s feeding the birds. Arouse her to find out her true nature. Then visit again when she’s with the small Boy. If you save the Boy, it restores your disguise.
  • Anabel’s dreams. After you learn to Watch Dreams (a lesson after you Sort Souls several times), you can watch Anabel’s dreams. They get increasingly wild as she is corrupted more.
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