My Devil’s Voice – Angelic Ending Guide

We get one of the most non-standard endings.


You must have completed the first 4 Journal Tasks before this route begins.

Remember the Gameplay Tips:

  1. Go back to the Map to wait for events
  2. Click on the bubble or exclamation mark rather than the location when there’s an event
  3. When entering a scene, wait a moment. Automated scenes take a little while to play
  4. Don’t use old saves from previous releases of MLA

Day 6

  • Make sure you’ve completed Tasks Raise Anabel’s depravity level to 5, Get Anabel excited before the lectures, Find a way to restore the disguise, and Anabel has to quarrel with Murano.
  • You will also have had to Whisper with Anabel between classes “Maybe they’ll invite me somewhere?” or “I can’t believe I might finally date somebody” to get the Anabel must stop being a nerd task.
  • In this route, Anabel is not corrupted any further by John Graham and continues as an exemplary student. In this path, ignore any further instructions in the Journal completely.

The only prerequisites are the following in the Journal:

  • Tasks: Anabel must stop being a nerd
  • Tasks: Anabel must find new friends

In fact, you’ll trigger the path by doing the opposite – you’ll power up her nerd by raising her study level above 80.

  • Anabel’s stats should be Study 74, Depravity (strawberries) 12.
  • Whisper with Anabel after school in the Library and at Home (do both).
  • Choice: “Raise Studying”
  • Choice: “I have to become the best student on the course” or “I don’t understand any of this, I need to study more!”
  • Anabel will gain 4 study points each time.

Day 7

  • In class, whisper to Anabel and raise her study again. She should gain 3 more study points.
  • In between classes, Anabel will be alone. Red will be nearby. Whisper to Red:

Choice: “This is your chance!”

  • Redhead will start talking with Anabel and they’ll make plans to sit together in the lecture.

Important: After introducing Red to Anabel, make sure you visit the Map. Demoness will summon you and teach you a new skill. See the section on Learn to Arouse above in the Main Route during Day 7.

This will end Day 7. The Journal text for Cease to be a nerd will be updated with “I got new abilities. I should try doing something with them.” Don’t listen to it. Remember, on the Good Girl route, you do NOT follow the Journal instructions anymore.

Anabel’s current stats should be Study 85, Depravity (strawberries) 12

Day 8

  • In the 3rd lecture of the day (Literature, 13:00), visit Anabel. Something is different with her.
  • When the lecture is over (14:15), click the right-arrow to get to the Teacher. Anabel will be speaking with him. Whisper to her:

Choice: “He’s a teacher, he definitely won’t do anything”

  • The dialogue will switch to the Teacher.

Choice: “She wants you, dumbass!” or “She hints at a date, idiot!”

Choice: “Try it! Then wriggle out”

  • He’ll offer to tutor her in the privacy of the staff room.
  • The scene will end at 18:00 and you’ll be returned to the Map.
  • Visit Anabel at Home. She’ll be thinking.

Choice: “No, why do you think that?” or “Of course not!” or “Don’t think so poorly of him”

  • Anabel will look forward to their next meeting.
  • If Anabel starts reading a magazine in the evening, you can visit her. Red will be there. You can talk, but it’s not time to move their plot forward yet.
  • Let time advance until tomorrow.

Anabel’s current stats should be Study 85, Depravity (strawberries) 12.

Day 9

  • Visit Anabel in class after Literature (14:15) and she’ll meet with the Teacher again.

Choice: “What’s the point of just standing around?”

Choice: “You wanted it”

Choice: “He doesn’t want a scandal at work”

  • Sex happens.
  • When the Motel scene is done, there is an event at Anabel’s Home.

Choice: “But you wanted this”

Choice: “Talk to him about it”

Day 10

  • If you visit Anabel during Literature class, she talks to the Teacher about their relationship, but he convinces her he’s in to her. They end up at the Motel again.
  • There is another event at Home afterwards. Red is there, and they gossip.
  • Let time advance until Day 11.

Anabel’s current stats should remain Study 85, Depravity (strawberries) 12.

Day 11

  • Visit Anabel after Literature class again (14:15-15:00).

Choice: “What’s the point of just standing around?”

  • They’ll head off to the Motel again.
  • There will be another Anabel monologue scene at Home after the Motel. She’ll make plans for them to spend some quality time together.
  • Go to sleep until tomorrow.

Day 14

  • Today is the day that Anabel decides to tell Red that she’s not into girls. There is a scene at Home right after school. Anabel will decide to tell Red rather than faking it any longer.
  • Go back to the Map to wait.
  • After Red arrives at 18:00, whisper to Anabel:

Choice: “Tell her”

  • Anabel tells Red, who leaves. Anabel is crying again.
  • Let time pass until Day 15.

Day 15

  • After school, visit Anabel at Home as she gets ready for the party. During the party, suggest to Anabel to drink:

Choice: “It’s not a big deal, you can at least taste it”

Choice: “Come on, to celebrate the beginning of our student life?”


Further recommendations will be spoilers, so the guide should end.

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