Monster Hunter: World – Alatreon Hitzones + Guide

The damage for elemental Charge Blades is set, making it easy to figure out effective elements on a monster.

Elemental damage is absolutely necessary to defeat Alatreon, solo or with a team. I took painful hours to document what documents were burned by the guild, and even documented it’s new morphing “Dragon” mode.

The data comes first, but I include a mini guide to help people decide what their teams should do, and even what you should do as a random if you wish to experience that pain.

Alatreon Hitzones + Guide


Alatreon needs elemental weapons in order to beaten. The fight is a giant elemental and raw DPS check. If you don’t get a special flinch telling that you’ve weakened Alatreon, the nova he does when switching between Fire and Ice mode is practically impossible to survive. You need to SEAL Alatreon’s power with maximum effectiveness elemental weapons.

Here I will list a spreadsheet of raw data for you to decide a strategy, and I’ll give my take on what your team should do.


Spreadsheet key- Alatreon’s hitzones are estimated on the right for each mode. I used math sheets on the left to estimate these values. Some of them are guesses based on certain consistencies in data. Again, these values are estimates.

  • 0.00 means no elemental damage
  • 0.05 means every little elemental damage
  • 0.15-0.20 is ideal elemental damage

Alatreon Basic Mechanics

Alatreon is a giant pendulum. This is the elemental order of modes.

  • Fire>Dragon>Ice>Dragon>[repeat]

Alatreon’s special assignment always starts in Fire mode. The event Alatreon will start in fire mode during the real time day. It will start in Ice mode during real time night. If you run Altreon in the evening, you will need a different strategy.

Alatreon’s pendulum of elemental shift can only be interrupted during dragon mode. You must break the horns to do so.

I personally believe this is the best strategy to beating Alatreon. An ideal run would look like this.

  • Fire>Dragon[break horn]>Fire>Dragon[break horn]>Fire>Dragon>KILL

Alatreon after about 5-7 minutes will trigger a nova attack. It cannot be avoided. Farcasters are locked during the entire quest. You must achieve a special flinch. When you achieve the flinch, Alatreon’s nova can still kill but will be much less powerful. Alatreon will only ever nova at the end of Dragon mode. If you have yet to achieve a seal on Alatreon and it shifts to Dragon mode, you must go into panic overdrive to seal it.

To survive a weakened nova, consider stacking health boosters with your team, only two maxed health boosters are required to survive without drinking potions. If you do not have health boosters, carry astera jerky to instantly heal health lost.


Is every element useful?No. Dragon is trash. Attempting to “cover” all elements will not help you. You must pick an element with absolute maximum effectiveness and keep it in that mode. Using Water and Thunder is not recommended. It is not effective enough.

Can I run a non-elemental weapon?

No. You actively kill yourself and your team by running a non-elemental of any kind.

Can we cover all elements and be safe?

No. You need to have at least two members with maximum element weaknesses. If the other two members aren’t using an effective element as well (values of 0.05 are not effective enough), you cannot seal it before it shifts to dragon mode unless your two maximum element weaknesses are insanely good and making no mistakes.

When should we seal Alatreon?

The moment you start the fight. If you are not attacking Alatreon at every moment you can with the maximum effective element, you are wasting precious time. If Alatreon gets into Dragon mode, ALL effective element decreases heavily. The goal should be to seal Alatreon in it’s Fire or Ice mode, and break its horn to prevent a complete cycle of the elements.

Does Elderseal help?

No. Dragon element is trash. Do not use it.

Will the Aquashot help me?

No. No. And no. If you aren’t focusing on Ice or Fire first thing, you are losing elemental damage overall. Can it help? Yes, but it will be only moderately effective, and becomes useless if you do not keep it from entering ice mode. If Alatreon starts in Ice mode, the Aquashot is useless.


The Pendulum Shift

If Alatreon starts in Fire mode – Run a large team of ice weapons. Seal Alatreon ASAP! Soften his head. When Dragon mode is entered, break the horns ASAP! Continue to run as much damage into Alatreon as possible. Huddle and health booster to survive the nova. Repeat until the next horn break. After both horns break, you can no longer stop the pendulum. Finishing the fight becomes a giant DPS check after both horns break. If you cannot kill it after both horn breaks and stopping an Ice mode shift, your team needs more raw and elemental damage.

If Alatreon starts in Ice mode – Do the same as the strategy above, but use fire weapons. Same strategy to the end.

Other strategy notes – Alatreon is immune to flashes in rage mode.

Save slinger pod flinch shots for when it starts flying. A knockdown from the air will always occur from a successful flinch shot. You have two flinch shots before Alatreon becomes enraged. Do not pressure rage for challenger dps. Flight periods effectively reduce your dps in the long run.

Alatreon’s thunder charge – Alatreon will appear to charge lightning at certain times. It’s one of the best openings to attack Alatreon. Under Alatreon is always perfectly safe. However, if you are to the side of him, pay attention to the direction of the charge. The attack will branch outward from a outward bursting charge animation, and vise-versa for the inward branching lightning.

Other primary strategy recommendations? I can’t find a better one. It’s the hardest DPS check in the entire game.

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