Monster Hunter: World – Canteen Custom Platter Basics Guide

Monster Hunter: World - Canteen Custom Platter Basics Guide
Monster Hunter: World - Canteen Custom Platter Basics Guide

Quit using Meal platters and chefs special platters. To be able to maximize custom builds for certain match-ups. You’ll be needing this. At least the basics. I’ve included my saved food builds at the end of the guide. Enjoy!

Why Use Custom Platter?

  • They sometimes give you better stats than that of what the games’ changing platters offer.
  • You can choose on what specific skills you need to activate for certain quests and buids.
  • You can get rid of unecessary skills that doesn’t benefit the weapon you’re using.
  • It frees up jewel slots for certain builds.
  • Best used when using food vouchers.


Stats Increase

Activation Chance

  • Sparkling ingredients mean that they are fresh, and they increase activation chance.
  • Freshness of ingredients also gives you Health Boost bonus which are maxed at 50hp
  • Stamina boost is always present.

Food Color Meanings

How to know how many amount of meat, fish, veggies, beer I need to unlock a certain skill?

Click on food skill to show the skills available for each type of food colors.

For example: For example, on the Courage section (red color foods) I want to get the Slugger skill. What i’ll be needing is x6 Courage food. Its as simple as that.

Example of a Situation

Example situation: Let’s say i use a melee weapon, and i want to have a polisher and constitution skill. Putting those 2 skills on your set removes 4 level 2 jewel slots on your set slots. Which is a waste. So, how do we get it?

If you check the Food Skills again, well be needing:

  • For polisher it said that we need x2 Courage.
  • For Black Belt (constitution) we need x4 Vigor.
  • If you want to go boost your attack, go full meat. To get that juiiicy Attack Up (L).

So we use this.

Remember: you can get +50 hp bonus, and higher activation chance with fresh ingredients.

My Saved Food Builds

Note: I mainly built for Attack buffs. If you want a more defense or elemental resist based build, just change the ingredient type.

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