GTFO – How to Kill The Scout

This is by no means a perfect guide as there are a lot of tricks and gimmicks for turning the Spaghetti man into Spaghetti mush but this guide will hopefully give you a better understanding of what you are up against and what to do against it.

What is a Scout?

The Scout is a moving enemy that may show up in certain rooms of the map.

You can hear it through doors the sound being similar to barefooted walking.

When It “wakes up” it will become invincible for a short time and wake up everything else in the room via a scream and send in an additional wave of stikers.

As such it should be a priority to take out that enemy.

That is easier said than done since if you:

  • Wake it up like any other sleeper via bumping into it or missing a melee strike
  • Touch the feelers also know as “spaghetti” or “tentacles”
  • Wake up any other enemy in the room and let it scream
  • Shoot!

The scout will start screaming.

How to Kill a Scout?

There are multiple ways to kill a scout: (This list is ordered from the easiest to the hardest to pull off).

Loud methods*:

  • Sniper rifle/HEL rifle: Shooting the scout in the head will kill it. The best moment to kill the scout is when it has its feelers extended.
  • Mine deployer: A mine placed on a wall near the scouts pathway will kill it. The mine should be around the height of the upper body.
  • Revolver: It can kill if the shot hits in the back of the head and you are at semi close range.
  • Standard shotgun: At close range the pump action shotgun will be able to kill the scout as long as you hit the head.
  • Other Guns: Can kill the scout but they are very VERY unreliable. If you are that desperate you might as well go for a melee strike.

*Loud methods will most likely result in waking the rest of the room up, witch is still more preferable than letting the scout scream. So make sure the rest of the room is somewhat cleared of sleepers.

Silent methods:

  • Sniper rifle/HEL rifle: In certain situations the Sniper rifle or the HEL rifle may be able to kill the scout without setting of the room.

    (The way you do this is by shooting through the doors from as far away possible. Now wait until the scout is far from any other sleepers and try your luck since it is very inconsistent.)
  • C-Foam grenade into melee strike: You throw a C-Foam grenade in front of the scout and wait until it gets frozen by it. Now you have 5 seconds to kill the scout before it unfreezes and starts to scream. A fully charged melee strike to the head is necessary.
  • Melee strike only: This is the hardest and hypest way to kill the scout.
    (See “Hammer strike only (add on)” for more information).

Hammer Strike Only (Add On)

This is a random set of tips for killing the scout with the Hammer.

The most important part to remember is: A dead scout and an awake room is better than an extra wave coming your way.

So if you have to wake up a sleeper to get to the scout be sure you can kill the scout before it starts screaming. (The scout will start screaming if one sleeper screams or the sleepers next to it wake up).

The best time to kill it is when it is away from the rest of them. So you need to know it’s movements.

Generally the scout will move around where other sleepers are. It can move up ladders and also “sidestep” where it moves a bit faster down certain slopes.

You want to wait behind a wall or any other obstacle where the scout will come across. When you hear the scout coming in you want to charge up you hammer and move in when you see it.

You have to hit the head with a fully charged melee attack.

If there aren’t any sleepers around you can run at it. The scout won’t trigger from you running.

But it will shoot out it’s feelers so that it can touch you.

When it does this it will bend over after the feelers are fully extended. Either go strait for it or spin around it to the head if it is already almost fully extended. (You only have around 2 seconds until it starts screaming)

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